Mondays are Murder: Mary Rogers

Ciao, amici. Is there anything worse than a violent, senseless murder? How about a violent, senseless murder that's never solved? That's the case of Mary Rogers. Mary was renowned for her beauty. When her father died, she took a job at a tobacco shop in New York City. The seventeen year old quickly began to... Continue Reading →

Friday Finds

Ciao, amici! How was your week? As you might guess from my quote of the week, mine was exhausting. And I wasn't even on "vacation" so much as just taking some much-needed mental health days. And then I got stuck with a forced technology break. I need a non-stressful time-out. I just can't afford it... Continue Reading →

Visiting Teri Polen for #BadMoonRising

Ciao, amici! Instead of my usual book review this Tuesday, I'm visiting a friend---Teri Polen. If you don't know Teri, what are you waiting for? She's a wonderful author, a voracious reader, and a supportive blogger. Most importantly, she's a dear friend. All this month, Teri is hosting authors at her site on her annual... Continue Reading →

What a Way to Come Back

Ciao, amici. I know... it feels like forever since we chatted. Sorry about that. There were some things I needed to deal with, some changes I needed to make. I started reading and liking posts this week. Boy, I missed you all so much! Starting Monday, I intend to start commenting, too. The plan is... Continue Reading →

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