Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Before I get to the post, let me take a second for shameless self-promotion. You can find me guest lecturing at Romance University today. I’m discussing the six steps to writing a romance, and (because I love to cook) I’m correlating it to making sauce. Yes, that’s right. I’ve equated homemade pasta sauce to romanceContinue reading “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links”

Phantom Mourning

“It’s been long enough.” Karen’s teeth chattered more from fear than from the plummeting temperatures. “The terms of the dare said to spend the whole night in the cemetery. Not to leave before dawn. Besides, the sun’ll be up in another hour or so.” Moonlight barely filtered through the canopy of trees, so Karen feltContinue reading “Phantom Mourning”

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

I swear, Fridays roll around faster every week. Time for this week’s author message, discussion, and links. My motto this week comes from Jane Yolen. I’ve started writing short fiction many mornings, just to wake up the writing muscles. I mentioned it last week when I started, and I’m happy to say I’ve kept upContinue reading “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links”

When He Needed Me, I Let Him Down

This isn’t really a story. It’s more of a character sketch/concept piece. When he hid in his room, bruised and battered, I cried for him. When he came home from school smiling, blood on his clothes, I wondered what happened. When the school scheduled a conference to discuss his behavior, I ignored their concerns. WhenContinue reading “When He Needed Me, I Let Him Down”

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Friday came fast this week! Where does the time go? I started a new blogging strategy in the effort to connect with more people. Most days, I’m doing the WordPress Daily Prompt challenge. I wish they’d post the topic a little earlier, because I like to start my day pretty early, but so far, it’sContinue reading “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links”

Her Punctured Lung Punctured His Heart

Type and Cross is a suspense-filled family drama. Here is an excerpt: “She didn’t have protective gear, either.” His voice broke. “Her clothes, what little there were, were ripped to rags. Her rib punctured her lung, and the whole side of her body was cinder-scraped.” “It sounds awful.” “You still haven’t figured out the worstContinue reading “Her Punctured Lung Punctured His Heart”

Completing the Codex Gigas

Bram’s shaking hand rattled the pages as he offered them to Viktor. His master snatched them from him, caressed them as he would a delicate instrument or a fragile glass sculpture. “Where are your gloves? Didn’t I tell you to only handle these pages with the utmost care? You fool! You could have destroyed everything!”Continue reading “Completing the Codex Gigas”

Open Your Eyes

“Open your eyes, John.” The demonic voice echoed through the cave, reverberated off the walls until it rocked his very soul. He shook his head, whimpering and quivering in a crumpled mass on the floor. “Open your eyes. See your future.” “N-no.” John barely heard his own voice. He doubted the sound carried any furtherContinue reading “Open Your Eyes”