What Your Author Website is Likely Missing, Pt. 1

Over at Story Empire today, we're discussing an important and often neglected aspect of the author website. I'll give you a hint---it's something that is tremendously helpful for marketing, and almost no authors take advantage of it. Curious? Please go check it out by clicking here. And leave a comment; we'd love to know what … Continue reading What Your Author Website is Likely Missing, Pt. 1

Why You Aren’t Informed

Bet you're wondering what you aren't informed about. It's simple, really. I've moved my site to http://stacitroilo.com and some of you didn't follow me there. Not only that, I've had new followers here since then. But I'm not really posting here anymore. So we aren't keeping in touch. I miss you. Click on the envelope … Continue reading Why You Aren’t Informed

Creating a New Website

Originally posted March 12, 2012 I spent a little bit of today editing and sending a synopsis and three chapters off to an editor (and doing some laundry... boy was that overdue!), but then I spent the rest of the day building my platform. For those of you who don't know what that means, it … Continue reading Creating a New Website