Learn More About the Villains of GAMBLE

I’m honored to be hosted today by Joan Hall. Joan is a talented author, a great friend, and a staunch supporter. Today I’m at her site talking about the villains of Gamble, my latest release in the Nightforce Security Series. I hope you’ll take a second to visit her site, learn a bit more aboutContinue reading “Learn More About the Villains of GAMBLE”

Five Ways to Write a Successful Villain

So we’ve been covering how to write successful characters, and we’ve talked about heroes and heroines. Those protagonists can be tricky, but I think we have a handle on it. Now we press forward to those pesky villains. Sure, everyone is picturing twirling mustaches and swirling capes, or creepy smiles and smeared make-ups, but itContinue reading “Five Ways to Write a Successful Villain”