Authentic Event or Hallmark Holiday?

by Staci Troilo I suppose everyone knows what Friday is… Valentine’s Day. In my family, we always made it a point to call it St. Valentine’s Day. February 14 is such a Hallmark Holiday that we did what little we could to preserve the intent behind its inception. St. Valentine’s Day was not even commemoratedContinue reading “Authentic Event or Hallmark Holiday?”

First Friday Fiction Feature — Laci and Del: Romance Tailor Made

by Staci Troilo It’s the first Friday of the month. Time for another installment of short fiction. You can, at any time, find this work or any of the First Friday Fiction Features (#FFFF), by going to the My Work tab, clicking on Freebies, and selecting the story you wish to read. Hopefully you remember that 2014 isContinue reading “First Friday Fiction Feature — Laci and Del: Romance Tailor Made”