Something Wicked Tour: Joan Hall Discusses the Root of All Evil

Ciao, amici! All this week, instead of my usual features, I’m happy to be hosting my fellow SE authors in a promotional event. Without further ado… Welcome to the first day of Story Empire’s Something Wicked Tour. Today, I am delighted to welcome Joan Hall, who is going to talk about her novel, Unseen Motives,Continue reading “Something Wicked Tour: Joan Hall Discusses the Root of All Evil”

Joan Hall Interviews Driscoll Lake’s Matt Bradford

Well, the tour continues today. I will be at Romance University talking about deep point of view, and I’ll also be visiting Story Empire author Joan Hall and taking a bookmobile tour of Pittsburgh. As our Story Empire Roadshow rolls forward, I’m happy to welcome a repeat visitor to my site—Joan Hall. Joan released herContinue reading “Joan Hall Interviews Driscoll Lake’s Matt Bradford”

Fast Fifteen with Joan Hall

I know, I know. I said I was winding down for the year. But a friend of mine has published her first novel, and I’d really love to introduce you to her and her work. I watched as Joan labored over her novel from the beginning, and I can honestly tell you, her efforts wereContinue reading “Fast Fifteen with Joan Hall”