#NewRelease by Jan Sikes: JAGGED FEATHERS, book 2 of her #WhiteRuneSeries @jansikes3 @WildRosePress #PNR #RomanticSuspense

Ciao, amici! I am so excited to have Jan Sikes visit again. Frequent followers here will immediately recognize her name. If you're new to the site, you're in for a treat. Jan is a talented author, a blogger who's supportive of other writers, and a really sweet person. I'm also privileged to call her a … Continue reading #NewRelease by Jan Sikes: JAGGED FEATHERS, book 2 of her #WhiteRuneSeries @jansikes3 @WildRosePress #PNR #RomanticSuspense

#bookreviews THINGS OLD AND FORGOTTEN and THE STOWAWAY #fantasy #thriller

Ciao, amici! I have two reviews for you today, and the offerings couldn't be more different. Because I have more than one, let me get right to business. https://smile.amazon.com/Things-Old-Forgotten-Mae-Clair-ebook/dp/B09HP4Q6QC ★★★★★ Impossible to Pick a Favorite Talk about a journey to worlds beyond the borders of imagination. Mae Clair pens a collection of mystical, magical tales … Continue reading #bookreviews THINGS OLD AND FORGOTTEN and THE STOWAWAY #fantasy #thriller

Guest Spot! Sally Cronin Highlights TYPE AND CROSS

Ciao, amici! Color me surprised. I woke this morning to find Sally Cronin had posted an excerpt from one of my older works, Type and Cross. If you don't know Sally, you should take the time to rectify that oversight. She's an amazingly supportive blogger who tirelessly highlights writers and their work. She's also a … Continue reading Guest Spot! Sally Cronin Highlights TYPE AND CROSS

Harmony Kent’s THE VANISHED BOY #bookreview #mystery

Ciao, amici! Last week, Harmony Kent released her new novel, The Vanished Boy. If you didn't see the hype surrounding it, you can see her talking about it here. I'd seen snippets as she was drafting it and couldn't wait to read it. So, naturally, when it came out, I devoured it. In less than … Continue reading Harmony Kent’s THE VANISHED BOY #bookreview #mystery


Ciao, amici! I've said it before, and I'll say it again---I absolutely LOVE hosting people on my site. It's so exciting when someone is launching a new book and I get to talk about it. Today, I have the pleasure of hosting fellow Story Empire author John Howell, who's here to talk about his new book, … Continue reading John Howell’s ETERNAL ROAD: THE FINAL STOP

Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense

Ciao, amici. Today, I want to share my early thoughts on Sue Coletta's upcoming release, Racked. Sue has two ongoing series at the moment, and I'm hard-pressed to say which I enjoy more---Mayhem or Grafton County. Racked is book four of her Grafton County series, and it allows us to revisit one of my favorite … Continue reading Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense

#BookReview of S. Burke’s WHATEVER IT TAKES @pursoot #suspense #TuesdayBookBlog

Ciao, amici! I have another suspense novel to talk about today. S. Burke's Whatever it Takes. Blurb: James Kincaid had it all. He’d made it to the ‘A’ list in Hollywood, a town that prized and idolized winners above all else. Three golden statuettes currently graced the mantle of his Los Angeles mansion. Next year’s … Continue reading #BookReview of S. Burke’s WHATEVER IT TAKES @pursoot #suspense #TuesdayBookBlog

#bookreview Sue Coletta’s SILENT MAYHEM #suspense #novel #TuesdayBookBlog

Ciao, amici! Another Tuesday, another book review. I'm excited to share my thoughts on the latest installment of Sue Coletta's Mayhem Series: Silent Mayhem. Blurb: Some things in life defy comprehension, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Or deadly. When a familiar crow drops a cryptic scroll at Shawnee Daniels’ feet, she’s compelled … Continue reading #bookreview Sue Coletta’s SILENT MAYHEM #suspense #novel #TuesdayBookBlog