A Quick Irish Read for St. Patrick’s Day

Ciao, amici! I know… seeing an Italian greeting on an Irish post is just weird, right? Couldn’t help myself. That’s how I always greet my friends. Today, I should have said: Dia dhaoibh ar maidin. (It’s pronounced like this: JEE-uh DEE-iv air MA-jin and means “good morning.”) Heck with it. Here’s a greeting that works forContinue reading “A Quick Irish Read for St. Patrick’s Day”

When Everybody’s Irish, And Should Be

by Staci Troilo I’m part Irish, although I know more about my Italian heritage than the other side of my family. But today, I happily claim my Celtic roots. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, one and all! I don’t know much about how my dad’s side of the family celebrated this feast day. I’m pretty sureContinue reading “When Everybody’s Irish, And Should Be”

Laci and Del: A Wee Bit O’ Picking

by Staci Troilo It’s the first Friday of the month. Time for another installment of short fiction. You can, at any time, find this work or any of the First Friday Fiction Features (#FFFF), by going to the My Work tab, clicking on Freebies, and selecting the story you wish to read. Remember that 2014 is the yearContinue reading “Laci and Del: A Wee Bit O’ Picking”

An Italian’s Take on St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I tend to relate most strongly with my Italian roots, so I don’t mention my father’s heritage often, but it seems only fair to acknowledge it on the one day a year his nationality gets top billing. My dad is a wonderful man whose heritage is a volatile mix ofContinue reading “An Italian’s Take on St. Patrick’s Day”