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Hi, SEers. Another week come and gone, and another week we have great content for you to look at. If you haven’t already, check out Monday’s post, Freedom From Distractions, by Joan Hall, and Wednesday’s post, The End in Mind, by Harmony Kent. Then peruse the links below for industry…

10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Writing

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, then you know I’m a writer, and occasionally I try to pass on bits of advice to help other writers in their craft. Sometimes it’s in the form of a story from my personal life, other times it’s just a straight up blog post with information. TodayContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Writing”

Six Speakers, I Mean, Reasons Why Saturday Was So Great

This weekend marked the return of one of my favorite annual events… and of course I don’t mean the loss of an hour of sleep. One look at the bags under my eyes and you would know that’s not something I yearn for. Nope, Saturday was Northwest Arkansas Writers’ Annual Writers Workshop. I anticipate thisContinue reading “Six Speakers, I Mean, Reasons Why Saturday Was So Great”

Create Your Writer Platform—A Review

Last Monday I wrote a post regarding the importance of writers, particularly aspiring writers, building a strong media presence. I thought this week would be a good time to review Chuck Sambuchino’s new book, Create Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author. An overviewContinue reading “Create Your Writer Platform—A Review”

How a Mangled Nursery Rhyme Inspired 7 Social Media Platform Strategy Techniques

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary I Know Why Your Blog Won’t Grow You Hate Twitter and Facebook Won’t Give Anything Else a Fair Look No Wonder Your Book Sales Are Slow Many writers are stuck in the past. Maybe not as far back as Mother Goose, but back in the days where all we had toContinue reading “How a Mangled Nursery Rhyme Inspired 7 Social Media Platform Strategy Techniques”

What do Cornfields Have to do with Blogging?

I follow a lot of writers’ blogs looking for advice and inspiration. I correspond with quite a few of them, too. I’ve found that there are some writers out there who are genuinely interested in helping others improve their craft. Jeff Goins is one of them. Most recently I responded to a post by JeffContinue reading “What do Cornfields Have to do with Blogging?”

Who’s Worse: The Cheater or the Accuser

I agree that those who are cheating to gain advancement in their careers are not only hurting themselves but are hurting their entire fields. It isn’t fair to the people competing honestly when the people in the top spots are there erroneously. But I have to ask, who are their challengers? Isn’t it usually the peopleContinue reading “Who’s Worse: The Cheater or the Accuser”

What One Online Tool You Might Be Using Incorrectly to Get to Know People

I recently read a post called “eBooks and the Personal Library” ( ) by Joseph Esposito in which he posits that the day of the personal library is falling by the wayside. He came to that conclusion during a move in which he parted with many books rather than paying for the shipping cost. I,Continue reading “What One Online Tool You Might Be Using Incorrectly to Get to Know People”

Corporate Identity Expert, Hah!

When I worked full time as a Marketing Communications Specialist for an engineering firm in Pennsylvania, my boss was one of the brightest minds in corporate communications. Under his tutelage, and combining my education and work history, I became a corporate identity master. I could brand anything with ease using any and every tool youContinue reading “Corporate Identity Expert, Hah!”