Something Wicked Tour: P.H. Solomon Discusses Dwarfish Dress-Ups

Ciao, amici! Welcome to the fifth and final day of Story Empire’s Something Wicked Tour. I’m ending my hosting duties with a post by P.H. Solomon. Our resident fantasy author is going to talk dwarves and dress-up. It’s going to be a “fantastic” post. (See what I did there? Fantasy… Fantastic… Get it?) Anyway, takeContinue reading “Something Wicked Tour: P.H. Solomon Discusses Dwarfish Dress-Ups”

Lots of Writing News Today

Do you ever feel like some days nothing is going on and on other days, there’s almost too much to keep up with? Today is the latter of the two for me. First, I hope you’ll join me over at Rochelle Weber’s site, where Mind Control‘s hero, Vinnie Falco, has an illuminating interview with theContinue reading “Lots of Writing News Today”

P.H. Solomon’s Writing Journey

Well, we’re off on another stop on the Story Empire Roadshow tour. Today, I’ll be visiting Harmony Kent. But here, I’m pleased to introduce a new author to my site, a great guy and talented author who also happens to be the newest member of Story Empire—P. H. Solomon. Today we’re going to learn allContinue reading “P.H. Solomon’s Writing Journey”

Let’s take this show on the road!

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Hey gang, Craig here. As you know, Story Empire is a cooperative effort of six talented authors. We try to bring you some wonderful content on this blog, but we’re all authors, too. Doing a bit of collaborative promotion is part of the deal. This week we’re going on the…

What Is Scrivener?

Originally posted on Story Empire:
What is Scrivener? It’s a good question. Maybe you’ve heard other writers talk about but you’re not exactly sure what it does or if it’s for you. Very simply, Scrivener is a software product from Literature and Latte designed as a highly flexible writing development tool. It has 3 main parts…