Another Blog-a-Thon Post

This Oghmaniac blog-a-thon post is from Melissa Lee. She can be found at The Permanent Tourist. This blog post can be found at: Living To Write I’m taking part in a “blogathon” that is hosted by the publishing company, Oghma Creative.  Both my children’s book series and novels are in the hands of Oghma for … Continue reading Another Blog-a-Thon Post

Getting to the Heart of A Different Matter

by Staci Troilo Hello. If you’re stopping by hoping to read another anecdote about my family or my friends, you’re going to be disappointed today. Or maybe not. We’ve been discussing my relationships for a while now. I’ve told you stories about my grandparents, my parents, my siblings. You’ve read about my husband, my kids, … Continue reading Getting to the Heart of A Different Matter