#bookreviews THINGS OLD AND FORGOTTEN and THE STOWAWAY #fantasy #thriller

Ciao, amici! I have two reviews for you today, and the offerings couldn't be more different. Because I have more than one, let me get right to business. https://smile.amazon.com/Things-Old-Forgotten-Mae-Clair-ebook/dp/B09HP4Q6QC ★★★★★ Impossible to Pick a Favorite Talk about a journey to worlds beyond the borders of imagination. Mae Clair pens a collection of mystical, magical tales … Continue reading #bookreviews THINGS OLD AND FORGOTTEN and THE STOWAWAY #fantasy #thriller

Two #BookReviews: TELL ME by @Anne_Frasier #TellMe #NetGalley and VOODOO OR DESTINY by @JanSikes3 #mystery #thriller

Ciao, amici! Welcome to July. I hope those of you who celebrated America's Independence Day had a wonderful holiday. I attended a couple of family picnics and watched some fireworks. I missed my kids and my dogs (and my pool), but I'm choosing to count my blessings rather than dwell on the things I missed.I've … Continue reading Two #BookReviews: TELL ME by @Anne_Frasier #TellMe #NetGalley and VOODOO OR DESTINY by @JanSikes3 #mystery #thriller

RABBITS by Terry Miles #bookreview

Ciao, amici! It wasn't long ago that I saw a book review on Teri Polen's site for a book called Rabbits by Terry Miles. Her description and comments fascinated me. It sounded like something that would intrigue me. Teri's reading tastes are more varied than mine, but our television and film tastes often align, and … Continue reading RABBITS by Terry Miles #bookreview

Kerry Buchanan’s SMALL BONES #bookreview #smallbones #netgalley #thriller

Ciao, amici! I've got another book review to share today. Kerry Buchanan's Small Bones, book two of her Harvey & Birch series. https://smile.amazon.com/utterly-addictive-thriller-Detectives-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B095KTWGNN/ My Review: ★★★★★ Solid Crime Thriller Whether I intend to or not, when I choose crime thrillers, I tend to gravitate toward those set in Great Britain. I don’t know if it’s … Continue reading Kerry Buchanan’s SMALL BONES #bookreview #smallbones #netgalley #thriller

Joan Hall’s Latest: House of Sorrow #NewRelease #Mystery #QuickRead

Ciao, amici! I'm so happy to host today's guest. She's one of my favorite authors, but she doesn't publish nearly often enough to suit my tastes, so she's not here nearly as much as I'd like (though she's welcome anytime, release or not). Lucky for us, she's got back-to-back releases, so we'll be seeing a … Continue reading Joan Hall’s Latest: House of Sorrow #NewRelease #Mystery #QuickRead

Harmony Kent’s THE VANISHED BOY #bookreview #mystery

Ciao, amici! Last week, Harmony Kent released her new novel, The Vanished Boy. If you didn't see the hype surrounding it, you can see her talking about it here. I'd seen snippets as she was drafting it and couldn't wait to read it. So, naturally, when it came out, I devoured it. In less than … Continue reading Harmony Kent’s THE VANISHED BOY #bookreview #mystery

Joan Hall’s HOUSE OF SORROW #bookreview #mystery

Ciao, amici! I've got another review today. This one is a fast read, but it's incredibly enjoyable. It's a prequel short story to a first-in-series, and you'll be ready for book one the second you reach the end (but you're going to have a short wait, I'm afraid). Anyway, I'll let you see for yourself... … Continue reading Joan Hall’s HOUSE OF SORROW #bookreview #mystery


Ciao, amici! It's my pleasure to welcome Craig Boyack back to the blog today, and this time, it's a two-fer. He's here to talk about a new mystery anthology called MURDER THEY WROTE, in which he has a story. But in addition to his installment, our Story Empire colleague, Mae Clair, also has a piece … Continue reading New Anthology: MURDER THEY WROTE


Ciao, amici! Today, I have a book review for you. But it's a real bargain, as you get seven stories for the price of one! Here's my review of Murder They Wrote. Who done it? Where? And with what? Those are the questions we ask when we play Clue, and those are the questions we … Continue reading Book Review: MURDER THEY WROTE

Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense

Ciao, amici. Today, I want to share my early thoughts on Sue Coletta's upcoming release, Racked. Sue has two ongoing series at the moment, and I'm hard-pressed to say which I enjoy more---Mayhem or Grafton County. Racked is book four of her Grafton County series, and it allows us to revisit one of my favorite … Continue reading Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense