Need Motivation? Look No Further

We’ve been having the strangest weather. My kids have missed eight days for snow already, and we’re in the south. I’m told that’s not unheard of for this area, but come on. What’s the point of living in the south—far from family and good Italian food—if not avoiding snow? But I digress… Gramma never complains … Continue reading Need Motivation? Look No Further

Inspiration for 2013’s Goals and Targets

Happy New Year! For those of you who thought the world was going to end in December (an end that the Mayan’s never in fact predicted), welcome back to the party. And it is a party, by the way. I have the highest hopes for 2013 being a fabulous year. It’s time for resolutions. It’s … Continue reading Inspiration for 2013’s Goals and Targets

Challenge Accepted

Originally posted May 31, 2012 If anyone watches How I Met Your Mother, you'll recognize one of Barney's catch phrases in my title. I've always considered myself a novelist when it comes to writing. If you know me personally, you know I can ramble on and on. Short and to the point isn't really my … Continue reading Challenge Accepted

La Fine

Originally posted May 25, 2012 I finished the first draft of my mystery the other day. It's with the publisher being edited. What a great feeling. I started this blog oh so long ago to inspire others to see things through to the end and follow me on my journey as I wrote my book. … Continue reading La Fine

Don’t Waste Time – Using the Unplanned Vacation

Originally posted July 30, 2011 Family came to visit this past week, and while I didn't plan (and don't recommend) taking off writing while entertaining visitors, sometimes I just can't carve out the time to write when I have house guests. My family room is my office, and my guests rise early and stay up … Continue reading Don’t Waste Time – Using the Unplanned Vacation


Original post date July 22, 2011 Today I decided that if I wrote a blog detailing my progress through my book, I might be more likely to be motivated. Right now I'm dragging my feet because the rough draft is done, and the rewrites are hard. I know what needs to be done to improve … Continue reading Inspiration