I Blew Out My Candles And This Happened…

If you get my newsletter, you already know this. (And if you don’t get my newsletter, why don’t you? Sign up here.) Yesterday was my birthday. I share a birthday with Robert Downey Jr. Every year when I blow out my candles, the wish goes something like this… I close my eyes, wish that someoneContinue reading “I Blew Out My Candles And This Happened…”

Tuesday Teaser—Love Set in Stone: Damien and Anael

We’ve talked about Love Set in Stone before, so I don’t think I’m letting any major plot points out with this little teaser. And even if you missed the earlier discussions, the title and the cover art certainly give the premise of the book away. If you still don’t get it, I’ll be blunt. TheContinue reading “Tuesday Teaser—Love Set in Stone: Damien and Anael”