Take a Little Trip with Me?

Ciao, amici! I hope you all had a great weekend. I ended mine preparing for a little trip. Packing, setting timers on the lights, stopping the mail… Okay, that’s not true. I’m not on a literal trip. I’m on a virtual one. And I hope you join me. Know her as Judith Post, urban fantasyContinue reading “Take a Little Trip with Me?”

#BookReviews FALLEN ANGEL SERIES by Judith Post

Ciao, amici. Usually I review a book on Tuesdays. Today, I’m going to review three. A completed urban fantasy series—the Fallen Angel Series by Judith Post. Because I’m printing three reviews, I’m not including blurbs. To read them, you can click on the covers. You’ll then be taken to the respective book’s Amazon page. MyContinue reading “#BookReviews FALLEN ANGEL SERIES by Judith Post”