New #Horror #ShortStory on Vocal “An Element of Truth”

Ciao, amici! I'm trying to get back into a routine, but my move is in less than a month, and "routine" is something that simply isn't on the horizon at the moment. I did manage to write a story this week. It's part of a challenge, which gave me added incentive, but I really wanted … Continue reading New #Horror #ShortStory on Vocal “An Element of Truth”

New #shortstory: GHOSTS OF LEATH LAKE @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! I took a little break from Vocal after the eight-stories-in-eight-weeks challenge. I was busy and a wee bit burned out. But I'm back to it! It's October, which means horror stories abound, and I couldn't miss an opportunity to stretch my scare muscles a bit. If you like that sort of thing, you … Continue reading New #shortstory: GHOSTS OF LEATH LAKE @vocal_creators

Two #BookReviews: TELL ME by @Anne_Frasier #TellMe #NetGalley and VOODOO OR DESTINY by @JanSikes3 #mystery #thriller

Ciao, amici! Welcome to July. I hope those of you who celebrated America's Independence Day had a wonderful holiday. I attended a couple of family picnics and watched some fireworks. I missed my kids and my dogs (and my pool), but I'm choosing to count my blessings rather than dwell on the things I missed.I've … Continue reading Two #BookReviews: TELL ME by @Anne_Frasier #TellMe #NetGalley and VOODOO OR DESTINY by @JanSikes3 #mystery #thriller

Short Fiction: The Last

Cap walked cautiously away from the fence and headed into the forest. The trees provided cover for them, but it also offered camouflage for the enemy. His eyes never stopped moving as he traversed the overgrown path. Briggs trailed after Cap, seemingly unaware of the concept of stealth. He nudged a shrub with the toe … Continue reading Short Fiction: The Last

Short Fiction: One to Remember

Mitch took a deep breath. His hands shook, trembled so much he almost dropped what he held. He needed to calm down, think things through. Without a plan, he'd botch the whole thing. And he wanted the night to be special. One to remember. A knock shattered the quiet of the room. Who could that … Continue reading Short Fiction: One to Remember

Short Story: Winter in the Weald

"What do you mean, you locked the door?" John dropped the cooler on the weathered planks of the porch. Carrie rubbed her hands together and blew on them. "That's what normal people do when they leave a house." "This isn't a house, Carrie. It's a cabin in the woods." "I don't see the difference," she said. … Continue reading Short Story: Winter in the Weald

Short Fiction: The Ultimate Act of Love

"I'm so glad you decided to come to my cabin with me." Peter stoked the fire in the rustic stone fireplace and put a pan up to heat. "I've wanted this for so long. I can't believe it's finally time." Kerry made a soft sound he took to mean she was glad, too. He stared … Continue reading Short Fiction: The Ultimate Act of Love

Left for Dead

They'd left me for dead. I wasn't. Didn't intend to be, either. Just had to figure out how to call for help. Fingers busted, tendons severed in my left foot. Maybe I could commando-crawl down the road. But if I rolled over, my guts would spill out onto the road. Had to do something. Couldn't stay … Continue reading Left for Dead

Phantom Mourning

"It's been long enough." Karen's teeth chattered more from fear than from the plummeting temperatures. "The terms of the dare said to spend the whole night in the cemetery. Not to leave before dawn. Besides, the sun'll be up in another hour or so." Moonlight barely filtered through the canopy of trees, so Karen felt … Continue reading Phantom Mourning

Completing the Codex Gigas

Bram's shaking hand rattled the pages as he offered them to Viktor. His master snatched them from him, caressed them as he would a delicate instrument or a fragile glass sculpture. "Where are your gloves? Didn't I tell you to only handle these pages with the utmost care? You fool! You could have destroyed everything!" … Continue reading Completing the Codex Gigas