A Halloween Blast from the Past

When my kids were young, we went all-out on Halloween. Elaborate costumes, several intricately-carved pumpkins for the porch, every room decorated. Because we lived on a seldom-used road, we didn't get many trick-or-treaters. Instead of buying bags of fun-sized candies, we'd buy one box of large candy bars. Never even gave them all out, but... Continue Reading →

Belly up to the Bar

Who doesn't love to unwind with family or friends? Maybe go out for the night to a club for dancing, to the neighborhood bar for a game of pool, to dinner for a favorite food. Well, it's Halloween-season. Readers who love suspense might want to belly up to this bar... The Paranormal Bar and Grille.... Continue Reading →

If My Head Weren’t Attached… And Other Writing News

You know the saying... If my head weren't attached, I'd forget it. I've been having that kind of summer. I'm misplacing things, I'm forgetting things, I'm just generally scatterbrained. Not sure why. Summer fever. Stress. Just getting older. If you're wondering why I'm telling you this, it's because I foolishly managed to send a post... Continue Reading →

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