Short Fiction: Attraction

A little silly sci-fi humor... “I don’t get it,” the lab tech said. “What’s the attraction?” “He’s dreamy.” “He really isn’t.” “Look at him. He’s kind of sparkly, and he’s got those flecks of brown in him.” “I think that’s rust.” “You’re just jealous.” She drifted closer to him. “Jealous? Of a hunk of rock?” … Continue reading Short Fiction: Attraction

This Just In

"Now, in local news, we go on location to Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, where Lisa Scott is covering a breaking story. Lisa?" "Thanks, Jerry. I'm standing here outside the Vandergrift Library, where hometown author Staci Troilo has barricaded herself inside. Witnesses say she's throwing all the novels on the floor and crying hysterically about bestsellers lists." "Lisa, … Continue reading This Just In

Completing the Codex Gigas

Bram's shaking hand rattled the pages as he offered them to Viktor. His master snatched them from him, caressed them as he would a delicate instrument or a fragile glass sculpture. "Where are your gloves? Didn't I tell you to only handle these pages with the utmost care? You fool! You could have destroyed everything!" … Continue reading Completing the Codex Gigas

Open Your Eyes

"Open your eyes, John." The demonic voice echoed through the cave, reverberated off the walls until it rocked his very soul. He shook his head, whimpering and quivering in a crumpled mass on the floor. "Open your eyes. See your future." "N-no." John barely heard his own voice. He doubted the sound carried any further … Continue reading Open Your Eyes