Fast Fifteen with Author Harmony Kent

Today’s Fast Fifteen feature spotlights Harmony Kent. Harmony is famous for her laughter and has made quite the name for herself. As she says, she’s also “… um, a writer … and fairly well known for that, too.” She’s even won a few awards. Harmony lives in rural Cornwall with her ever-present sense of humourContinue reading “Fast Fifteen with Author Harmony Kent”

Fast Fifteen with Author Cecelia Wilson

Here we go—the first Fast Fifteen of 2018. Today we’ll learn more about author Cecelia Wilson. For more than a decade, Cecelia has been the Feature Writer for Searcy Living magazine.  Over the years, she has penned articles introducing readers to governors, senators, Grammy Award-winning musicians, and individuals from all walks of life. In addition toContinue reading “Fast Fifteen with Author Cecelia Wilson”

Fast Fifteen with Author Bob Giel

Sometimes I think these things come in waves. Today, I’d like to introduce another author to you for my Fast Fifteen feature. This is another Oghma Creative Media author, Bob Giel. Bob was born in New York City and is now a New Jersey resident. He’s lived in several areas of the Midwest but hasContinue reading “Fast Fifteen with Author Bob Giel”

Fast Fifteen with Author Crow Johnson Evans

It’s time for another Fast Fifteen Feature, this time on author Crow Johnson Evans. A transplant to the Ozarks in the 1970s, Crow carries a lifetime of adventures across the states and the globe.  A former songwriter performer with a degree in Zoology, she loves the powerful influence of Nature on humans, spinning yarns, weaving,Continue reading “Fast Fifteen with Author Crow Johnson Evans”