D.L. Finn: Just Her Poetry

Ciao, amici! I’m really happy to introduce a frequent-commenter/first-time-guest to the site today. I hope you’ll join me in giving author D.L. Finn a warm welcome while she talks about her new release, Just Her Poetry: Seasons of a Soul. Thank you, Staci, for having me on your blog today to help celebrate the releaseContinue reading “D.L. Finn: Just Her Poetry”

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! How was your week? Mine was busier than usual. I was wondering… what’s your opinion on self-care? I admit, I’ve been really bad about that, especially since I had kids. I’m the first one to want them to eat well, exercise, see a doctor if they’re sick or injured. That’s what mama bearsContinue reading “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links”

New Release: THE BUTTON by D. L. Finn

Ciao, everybody. I have a treat for you today—I have the pleasure of welcoming author D. L. Finn to the blog. It’s her first visit as a feature rather than as a commenter. Please join me in giving her the warmest of welcomes. Thank you, Staci, for inviting me to be on your blog toContinue reading “New Release: THE BUTTON by D. L. Finn”

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! Thanks for following me around this week. Next week won’t be nearly as hectic, although I still have a few posts that haven’t gone live yet. Many of us are currently celebrating a three-day weekend with trips and picnics and anything we can think of to enjoy the last joys of summer. IContinue reading “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links”

Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul

If you thought I meant my soul, you haven’t been paying attention. I’m not tortured. In fact, I’m super-excited. Over the moon! 🥂 🍾 🎉 🎈 Tortured Soul released today! 🎈 🎉 🍾 🥂 As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got wonderful friends who are helping me spread the word. Today, I’m at two sites. First, I hope you visit D. L. Finn. SheContinue reading “Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul”