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What’s Your Preference?

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Today at Story Empire, author Mae Clair discusses resources available to writers: beta readers, critique groups, resource materials, organizations and more. Read her thoughts, then weigh in with your own opinions.

Story Empire

Hello, SE Friends. Mae here today, ready to talk support and organizations. As authors when we sit down and peck away at the keyboard, it’s a solitary process. If you’re like me, you have a cat poking in every so often and strolling across your keyboard or curling up on your desk. Or maybe you have a playful pup dropping a toy at your feet and demanding attention. And of course, there are interruptions from kids and spouses, but for the most part, when we sit down to create it’s us and our characters.

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That’s all well and good during the creation process, but what about learning, marketing, and brainstorming with other authors? That’s where we all need support organizations and those special author friends who make up our inner circle. In this article I thought I’d take a look at some of the backbone of support authors rely upon.

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