Fictional Bad Boys: 3 Questions

Ciao, amici. Charles E. Yallowitz has been writing a series of posts on his site, Legends of Windemere, about bad boys in fiction. (You should have seen my links to the first two posts on Friday’s list of links.) Today, he asked for reader interaction. I thought it would be fun to play along, answerContinue reading “Fictional Bad Boys: 3 Questions”

7 Tips to Crafting Emotionally-Meaty Monsters

Ciao, amici! I have a treat for you today. This week, I’m giving you not one, but two new-to-this-blog authors. On Tuesday, we spent some time in a soft and sweet genre. Now it’s time to bare our fangs and get down and dirty. I’ve got Charles E. Yallowitz here today, and he’s excited (asContinue reading “7 Tips to Crafting Emotionally-Meaty Monsters”