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This site is a combination blog/website dedicated to both my writing and my personal life. As you navigate through the site, I hope you will get to know me a bit better and consequently get to know what I am all about.

  • The “Lost? Click Here” page is the page you are currently on. This is where to go to figure out what all the other tabs do. If you need direction, come back here to get your bearings.
  • The “Home” page is just a landing page for you to get your bearings. It’s a brief introduction to the site and contains a link to the blog page.
  • The “Blog” page contains my blog entries. The most recent entry will be at the top. Feel free to leave comments. I love a lively discussion.
  • Under the “About” tab is the “About the Author” page. It has information about me as a writer. There you can learn just a little about how I came to be an author. Also under that tab is the “About this Site” page. It has information about the contents of this entire site. There you can find an overview of this whole site and links to sample blog entries detailing the different types of posts you’ll find here.
  • The “Contact” page contains a form for you to fill out which will send information directly to me. Have a question or comment? I’ll get back to you.
  • The “Journal” page is sort of like my diary. There you’ll find more personal information about me and my life, things that don’t necessarily pertain to relationships or writing but rather have to do specifically with my family, my friends, my home. If you want to get to know me better, that tab is for you. If you enjoy our professional relationship as it is, just skip over that tab.
  • The “Links” page contains hyperlinks to my other social media sites as well as some sites that interest me.
  • The “My Work” tab has a “Freebies” page where I put links to some pieces of mine that you might enjoy. These pieces are posted on my blog on the first Friday of the month, and are always labeled “First Friday Fiction Feature” so you can easily recognize them as my short stories. At the time of posting, these stories aren’t published anywhere but on this site, free to you. Also under this tab is a “Progress” page which discusses my works in progress. Not only does it let you know what I have going on, it keeps me motivated. If I don’t have regular updates there, I’ll feel guilty. Additionally, there is a  “Published Works” page telling you where you can find works I have in print. And finally you will find an “Awards” page, which I believe speaks for itself.
  • The “What People Are Saying” page displays excerpts of reviews people have written about my published works. You can read just those blurbs, or you can click on those links to read the full reviews at Amazon.com.

Look around and stay awhile. Comment and engage with me and my other viewers. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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