Friday Finds

Ciao, amici! This week's final post will be short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet. But definitely short. At least, shorter than usual. I'm babbling. Anyway... I've had my share of challenges in the last few months. Most recently, my son celebrated his 22nd birthday, and it was the first of his birthdays that I... Continue Reading →

Mondays are Murder: Mary Rogers

Ciao, amici. Is there anything worse than a violent, senseless murder? How about a violent, senseless murder that's never solved? That's the case of Mary Rogers. Mary was renowned for her beauty. When her father died, she took a job at a tobacco shop in New York City. The seventeen year old quickly began to... Continue Reading →

Friday Finds

Ciao, amici! How was your week? As you might guess from my quote of the week, mine was exhausting. And I wasn't even on "vacation" so much as just taking some much-needed mental health days. And then I got stuck with a forced technology break. I need a non-stressful time-out. I just can't afford it... Continue Reading →

Power Outage

Hi everyone. This is Michele, Staci's sister. Staci is currently experiencing a forced power outage and is unable to respond to, comment on, like, or share any posts. Once she is back online she will resume her regular blogging, posting, sharing, commenting, and liking in all social media. Staci thanks you for your understanding. For... Continue Reading →

Visiting Teri Polen for #BadMoonRising

Ciao, amici! Instead of my usual book review this Tuesday, I'm visiting a friend---Teri Polen. If you don't know Teri, what are you waiting for? She's a wonderful author, a voracious reader, and a supportive blogger. Most importantly, she's a dear friend. All this month, Teri is hosting authors at her site on her annual... Continue Reading →

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