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Apr 2014 – Laci and Del: In Like a Lion

Mar 2014 – Laci and Del: A Wee Bit O’ Picking

Feb 2014 – Laci and Del: Romance Tailor Made

Jan 2014 – Laci and Del: Second Chance?

Dec 2013 – Christmas Eve Perspective

Nov 2013 – A Walk on the Wild Side

Oct 2013 – Memories

Sept 2013 – Fifty Sheds of Grey

Aug 2013 – Mystery Heir Deleted Scene

Jul 2013 – Just Say Utah

Jun 2013 – Real Estate Realities

May 2013 – Raising Mason

17 thoughts on “Freebies”

  1. rgibbs1046 said:

    Striking scene, great dialog Staci!


  2. Really powerful story. Brave writing, tough issues. You handled it beautifully. I felt like I was right there.


    • Thank you. I was hesitant to tackle this issue from this viewpoint, having witnessed family members and friends go through divorces but never having experienced one myself. But then I realized, I write about a lot of things that I never experienced first hand; a true writer should still be able to do the situation justice. I’m glad to see it’s working. Thanks for your comments.


  3. That was very enjoyable Staci. In the beginning I thought Mason was a brat. By the end I wanted to give him a hug.


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