What’s Your Preference?

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Hello, SE Friends. Mae here today, ready to talk support and organizations. As authors when we sit down and peck away at the keyboard, it’s a solitary process. If you’re like me, you have a cat poking in every so often and strolling across your keyboard or curling up on…

Charting a New Course

Sorry I’ve been absent lately. The month of August was spent promoting a blog tour with a group I belong to—Rave Reviews Book Club, or RRBC. I’m sure you’ve seen me on Facebook, G+, and Twitter promoting the different stops. It’s a fabulous group, and I’ve met some incredible people there. (I’ll tell you allContinue reading “Charting a New Course”

There’s No “I” in “Team,” But a Team Does Have a Lot of Eyes

I’m wondering how many of you out there are writers. And of you, how many have some form of filter before you submit your work to an agent or traditional publisher, or before you self-publish. When I first started writing, I read the advice in books that said “join a critique group” or “get betaContinue reading “There’s No “I” in “Team,” But a Team Does Have a Lot of Eyes”

Six Speakers, I Mean, Reasons Why Saturday Was So Great

This weekend marked the return of one of my favorite annual events… and of course I don’t mean the loss of an hour of sleep. One look at the bags under my eyes and you would know that’s not something I yearn for. Nope, Saturday was Northwest Arkansas Writers’ Annual Writers Workshop. I anticipate thisContinue reading “Six Speakers, I Mean, Reasons Why Saturday Was So Great”

45th Annual Ozark Creative Writers Conference

I spent the weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas learning about writing, publishing, and platforming at a fabulous writers conference put on by Ozark Creative Writers. This was their forty-fifth annual conference, and while it was my first time in attendance, I can’t imagine they’d ever put on a better one. Thursday evening began with PresidentContinue reading “45th Annual Ozark Creative Writers Conference”

How to Build a Sturdy Writer’s Platform Across Wide, Unrelated Genres, I Mean, Branches

All writers have a constant and un-ending supply of ideas at their fingertips, just waiting to burst forth onto the page, right? Wrong. Sometimes we come up with complete blanks (you’ve heard of writer’s block, right?) and then we have to push on through, or rely on a friend to bail us out. This week,Continue reading “How to Build a Sturdy Writer’s Platform Across Wide, Unrelated Genres, I Mean, Branches”

Have a Little Help from my Friends

Originally posted March 14, 2012 God bless the computer. Without it I would have had to wait until my critique group meets again to have help with my elevator pitch, and boy did I need help with that. As it was, I just fired off an email, and got an answer back just as fast.Continue reading “Have a Little Help from my Friends”

NWA Writers Conference

Originally posted March 10, 2012 I attended the NWA Writers Conference today, and I wish you all could have been with me. It had excellent presenters and valuable information for any published or hoping to be published authors. I feel inspired to work on my platform and my manuscripts. Which is why I’m here bloggingContinue reading “NWA Writers Conference”

NWA Writers Group

Originally posted August 5, 2011 Last night at writers group was eventful. It started with Dusty, one of our group leaders, giving us a quote to ponder. He said it was the best advice he ever heard, and it was written by a man Dusty says is a fiction genius: the late Dwight Swain. “AContinue reading “NWA Writers Group”