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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m part Irish, so you know I’ve got my green on. I hope you’re wearing green so you don’t get pinched. I also hope you take a minute to visit Story Empire today. There’s a great post with a list of articles for writers. The best of the best this week hadContinue reading “Curated Content”

An Amazonian-Sized Problem

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Hi, SEers! Happy Wednesday. I wrote a post on my own blog recently about Amazon and reviews. If you’d like to read it, you can find it here.  That post was the inspiration for this one. There are nine categories on the Amazon Community Guidelines page that dictate the rules…

Writing: Business or Hobby?

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Hey, SE gang, Mae here with a reminder that tax time is looming. Ugh! A battle struggling writers often face is whether or not the IRS considers their efforts a business or hobby. Very few of us make bucketfuls of money as writers. For most, expenses outweigh profits during the…

Curated Content 3 March 2017

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Hi, SEers. Happy Friday! We’re trying something new for you. Instead of our own opinions or a reblog here and there, we’re giving you links to valuable content we found this week. Below you’ll find tips from experts like James Scott Bell, Kristen Lamb, Chandler Bolt, and more. We hope…

Ten Ubiquitous Tips for Getting Book Reviews, and How Reviews Impact Authors

I recently got a book review that I didn’t care for. It was a five-star review, but one of the comments was, in my opinion, way off the mark. Which got me thinking… Why would the reviewer give the book five stars if it was lacking in some way? Why are there not better criteriaContinue reading “Ten Ubiquitous Tips for Getting Book Reviews, and How Reviews Impact Authors”