Curated Content 31 March 2017

Originally posted on Story Empire:
It’s Friday, glorious Friday, always a cause for celebration! While you’re getting ready to kick off your weekend celebration, the Story Empire authors have cobbled together a collection of goodies for you to digest at your leisure. For an appetizer, I recommend Monday’s SE post What Your Website is Likely Missing by…

Satisfying Ends to Series

This week marks the end of two television series that I watch and love—Grimm and Bones. Grimm is on its sixth season, Bones its twelfth. And they share more with each other than eerie titles. I think there are several reasons why these series had such broad appeal: Each episode was a self-contained mystery whileContinue reading “Satisfying Ends to Series”

How Project Planning in Corporate America Helped Me Write Novels

Okay, it doesn’t help write the novels, but it did help me plot them. Let me explain. When I worked for an engineering firm, we went through the ISO 9000 certification process, which probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you. What it does mean, however, is that all work functions, no matter how trivial,Continue reading “How Project Planning in Corporate America Helped Me Write Novels”

To Edit or Not to Edit, That is the Question

Of course you edit! What kind of ridiculous question is that? I don’t mean ever, naturally. I mean as you write. I’ve heard this topic discussed a lot, and my friend Joy ( just blogged her way through her thoughts on the topic. What’s a writer to make of it all? Here’s my two centsContinue reading “To Edit or Not to Edit, That is the Question”