This Just In

“Now, in local news, we go on location to Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, where Lisa Scott is covering a breaking story. Lisa?” “Thanks, Jerry. I’m standing here outside the Vandergrift Library, where hometown author Staci Troilo has barricaded herself inside. Witnesses say she’s throwing all the novels on the floor and crying hysterically about bestsellers lists.” “Lisa,Continue reading “This Just In”

Phantom Mourning

“It’s been long enough.” Karen’s teeth chattered more from fear than from the plummeting temperatures. “The terms of the dare said to spend the whole night in the cemetery. Not to leave before dawn. Besides, the sun’ll be up in another hour or so.” Moonlight barely filtered through the canopy of trees, so Karen feltContinue reading “Phantom Mourning”

You Stand Relieved

This flash fiction piece, while not based on any real life event I’ve experienced, is all too real all too often. This is my tribute to our fallen heroes and their sacrifice. All she’d done since the doorbell rang a week earlier was sob. As she sat in the cemetery, the tears continued to fall.Continue reading “You Stand Relieved”

King of the Beach

Cortland Prescott was born with a gilded spoon in one hand and a jewel-encrusted knife in the other. One was for satisfying his every craving, the other was for stabbing his competitors in the back. He insisted on the finest things in life—often to the detriment of his business, his family, his friends. A criticalContinue reading “King of the Beach”

When He Needed Me, I Let Him Down

This isn’t really a story. It’s more of a character sketch/concept piece. When he hid in his room, bruised and battered, I cried for him. When he came home from school smiling, blood on his clothes, I wondered what happened. When the school scheduled a conference to discuss his behavior, I ignored their concerns. WhenContinue reading “When He Needed Me, I Let Him Down”

Paragon of Virtue

Paragon derives from the Old Italian word paragone, which literally means “touchstone.” A touchstone is a black stone that was formerly used to judge the purity of gold or silver. The metal was rubbed on the stone and the color of the streak it left indicated its quality. Day of Tribute was upon them. TheContinue reading “Paragon of Virtue”

Completing the Codex Gigas

Bram’s shaking hand rattled the pages as he offered them to Viktor. His master snatched them from him, caressed them as he would a delicate instrument or a fragile glass sculpture. “Where are your gloves? Didn’t I tell you to only handle these pages with the utmost care? You fool! You could have destroyed everything!”Continue reading “Completing the Codex Gigas”

Waiting in Whitechapel

Maniacal desire surged through his heart—pulse racing, fingers trembling, palms sweating. The taste of impending satiety metallic on his tongue, making him salivate. He swallowed and licked chapped lips, then wiped his hands on his trousers before tugging on his gloves. Panic licked the fringes of his thoughts when his damp digits wouldn’t slide into theContinue reading “Waiting in Whitechapel”