Short Fiction: First Case

"Johnson." Detective Barnes put his hand on the rookie's shoulder. "Let me give you some advice before you go down there." "It's okay, sir. They told me what to expect." "Hearing about it is one thing. Experiencing it is something else." The young officer shrugged. "Abernathy said it's a cloying sweetness. Like fermenting, rotting fruit. … Continue reading Short Fiction: First Case

Short Fiction: Why Marketers Drink

"What is this?" Ian threw the sketches on the conference table. "You're joking, right?" Polly's gaze darted around the room, searching for an ally in the group. Finding none---expecting none---she sighed. Why was it always her the boss yelled at first? "We never really came to a consensus. But we were running out of time. … Continue reading Short Fiction: Why Marketers Drink

Short Story: Winter in the Weald

"What do you mean, you locked the door?" John dropped the cooler on the weathered planks of the porch. Carrie rubbed her hands together and blew on them. "That's what normal people do when they leave a house." "This isn't a house, Carrie. It's a cabin in the woods." "I don't see the difference," she said. … Continue reading Short Story: Winter in the Weald

Short Fiction: Emergency!

Caroline took a deep breath to calm herself---and immediately regretted it. The woman they just brought in smelled like urine and sweat. And sex. "What's your problem, bitch?" The prostitute's eyeliner was smeared, although Caroline doubted she'd been crying. Her garish red lipstick was smudged, bleeding into the crinkled skin around her mouth. Caroline forced … Continue reading Short Fiction: Emergency!

Short Fiction: The No in Noel

Before we get started, I want to say I'm being hosted today by the gracious Don Massenzio as part of his Perfect 10 series. I hope you take a moment to visit his site and leave us a comment. “Hi. I’m Louis, and I’m a compulsive eater.” “Hi, Louis,” the group chanted. “This time of … Continue reading Short Fiction: The No in Noel

Short Fiction: The Ultimate Act of Love

"I'm so glad you decided to come to my cabin with me." Peter stoked the fire in the rustic stone fireplace and put a pan up to heat. "I've wanted this for so long. I can't believe it's finally time." Kerry made a soft sound he took to mean she was glad, too. He stared … Continue reading Short Fiction: The Ultimate Act of Love

Short Fiction: Company Man

Glenn's hands dampened, and he almost dropped his tray. First days sucked. It was like school all over again. Where did the cool kids sit? Would they welcome him? Would anyone? Where he sat could conceivably impact his happiness at work for years---maybe decades---to come. He finally landed his dream job. Sure, he had to … Continue reading Short Fiction: Company Man

Short Fiction: Attraction

A little silly sci-fi humor... “I don’t get it,” the lab tech said. “What’s the attraction?” “He’s dreamy.” “He really isn’t.” “Look at him. He’s kind of sparkly, and he’s got those flecks of brown in him.” “I think that’s rust.” “You’re just jealous.” She drifted closer to him. “Jealous? Of a hunk of rock?” … Continue reading Short Fiction: Attraction

Short Fiction: Sunny Day

It was a sunny day when they met. Her number was 088 and his was 880. They joked about being mirror images of each other and ending up running the marathon together. It was a sunny day when they had their first date. She packed a picnic basket. He brought wine and drove them to … Continue reading Short Fiction: Sunny Day

This Just In

"Now, in local news, we go on location to Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, where Lisa Scott is covering a breaking story. Lisa?" "Thanks, Jerry. I'm standing here outside the Vandergrift Library, where hometown author Staci Troilo has barricaded herself inside. Witnesses say she's throwing all the novels on the floor and crying hysterically about bestsellers lists." "Lisa, … Continue reading This Just In