“Vicious Circle” in Quantum Wanderlust

The time travel anthology I'm part of released last week. It's currently doing rather well, but things could always be better. It's totally free, so a download costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time. If you want to write a review, though, that would be really helpful. And really, it won't take too … Continue reading “Vicious Circle” in Quantum Wanderlust

Short Fiction: Go Away

"What 'cha doin?" His voice startled her. She jumped and looked up from her computer. "How'd you get in here?" "Door's unlocked." "Shouldn't have been." "You probably forgot to lock it." No kidding. "You think?" "What else could it be?" She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, let it out slowly. Then she tried … Continue reading Short Fiction: Go Away

Short Fiction: The Last

Cap walked cautiously away from the fence and headed into the forest. The trees provided cover for them, but it also offered camouflage for the enemy. His eyes never stopped moving as he traversed the overgrown path. Briggs trailed after Cap, seemingly unaware of the concept of stealth. He nudged a shrub with the toe … Continue reading Short Fiction: The Last

Short Fiction: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Kelly burst through the doors. She looked over her shoulder. No one followed. "Whoa!" She heard the exclamation too late. Before she turned forward, she plowed into her father. Her breath left her in a whoosh on impact, then she bounced off him and landed on her backside. Dad bent over and made a groany, … Continue reading Short Fiction: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Short Fiction: Going in Circles

"His hands are sticky." Mallory rooted through the diaper bag for wipes. She stooped to be eye-level with their son, and the little girl behind them in line bumped into her. Again. Her knee hit the ground---hard---to keep from toppling over, and she gritted her teeth. Instead of lecturing the girl, she gripped the wipe … Continue reading Short Fiction: Going in Circles

Short Fiction: Poor Form

"Tell me again why you said yes." Paula peered into the cramped closet and shook her head. Wasn't much to work with. "I had to." Valerie pushed her friend aside and grabbed an ivory blouse. "If I declined, he'd think I was jealous. So would all our friends." "You are jealous." Paula yanked the blouse … Continue reading Short Fiction: Poor Form

Short Fiction: Fog

Sarah took her coffee out onto the back porch and looked out over the sprawling vista. The sun was just beginning to crest on the horizon, and the hazy morning fog painted the landscape with an indistinct brush. So many mornings like these rushed back to her---memories of dew-dampened shoes as she scampered after her … Continue reading Short Fiction: Fog

Short Fiction: The Case of the Disappearing Socks

Okay, this is a HUGE departure from my typical fiction, but recently Mae Clair told me I hadn't posted any pet pictures in a while, so I'm combining a picture of Max (sorry it's blurry, but he almost never stays still in front of the camera) and a silly little "story" to go with it. … Continue reading Short Fiction: The Case of the Disappearing Socks

Short Fiction: One to Remember

Mitch took a deep breath. His hands shook, trembled so much he almost dropped what he held. He needed to calm down, think things through. Without a plan, he'd botch the whole thing. And he wanted the night to be special. One to remember. A knock shattered the quiet of the room. Who could that … Continue reading Short Fiction: One to Remember

Short Fiction: A Soothing Cup of Tea

Ten-fourteen. Kimber prepared a hazelnut frappé. Her hands moved from rote memory. She'd made the same drink every day at that time for the last three years. Without fail. The bell above the door tinkled, signaling the arrival of a new customer. Quarter after ten, on the nose. She looked down, letting her hair fall … Continue reading Short Fiction: A Soothing Cup of Tea