New #shortstory: OUT ON A LIMB @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! I did it. Eight stories in eight weeks. I wasn’t sure I had it in me. This week’s theme was to write a story featuring a pear tree. There were a few times during this challenge that ideas were sparse. The bull was one of those times. So was the green light. TheContinue reading “New #shortstory: OUT ON A LIMB @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! Well, the end is in sight. This is week seven of eight. One to go. This week’s theme was to write a story featuring a frozen pond. I have to tell you, I had no ideas FOREVER. Then one popped into my head. If you liked the humorous banter of last week’s story,Continue reading “New #shortstory: YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: DAD’S ANNUAL LIGHT WAR @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! We’re on week six of the eight-week challenge. The end is in sight! And I’m still keeping up with things, despite the topics getting more difficult for me. This week’s theme was to write a story featuring a green light. Several options popped into mind, from Green Lantern (which I assumed would landContinue reading “New #shortstory: DAD’S ANNUAL LIGHT WAR @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: THAT’S A BUNCH OF BULL @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! We’re on week five of the eight-week challenge. I’m more than halfway there, and I’m still on target. This week’s theme was to write a story with some kind of bull in it. I was afraid I wasn’t going to come up with anything. I was stumped for the longest time. I knowContinue reading “New #shortstory: THAT’S A BUNCH OF BULL @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: ANGELS AND FAIRIES and AN ELITE GROUP @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! We’re on week four of the eight-week challenge. I not only managed to get my story submitted on time, but I wrote one for the Shark Week challenge, as well. (You know, because the three WIPs I’m working on didn’t need my attention.) Once again, a quick reminder: The entries are judged byContinue reading “New #shortstory: ANGELS AND FAIRIES and AN ELITE GROUP @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: A GIFT TO REMEMBER @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! We’re on week three of the eight-week challenge. I’ve had my story ready to go since Friday, but I had technical issues with my Vocal account. FINALLY, at the last minute, they got resolved, and I got my story submitted in time. I’m three for three. Once again, a quick reminder: The entriesContinue reading “New #shortstory: A GIFT TO REMEMBER @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: WHY ALWAYS CHOCOLATE, MOM? @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! Las time, I told you Vocal is running an eight-stories-in-eight-weeks challenge and I hoped to do all eight. Well, I’m two for two so far. Once again, a quick reminder: The entries are judged by a qualified panel, but if there’s a tie, votes are the tie-breaker, so if you click the [♡]Continue reading “New #shortstory: WHY ALWAYS CHOCOLATE, MOM? @vocal_creators”

New #shortstory: FAMILY LEGACY @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! Not long ago, I told you I (belatedly) discovered Vocal Media. So far, I’ve published four short stories on my page, some of which are part of challenges they offer (in which I might possibly win money and bragging rights). Other stories are just because I had something to say and wanted aContinue reading “New #shortstory: FAMILY LEGACY @vocal_creators”

Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors

Ciao, everybody. If you’re here looking for this week’s writing links, I had to delay the post a day. And here’s why. We at Story Empire have a writing prompt to share today. The following short story is inspired by the Story Empire Friday Fiction Prompt: Limited and Focused Views. I’ll give this fiction pieceContinue reading “Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors”

“Vicious Circle” in Quantum Wanderlust

The time travel anthology I’m part of released last week. It’s currently doing rather well, but things could always be better. It’s totally free, so a download costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time. If you want to write a review, though, that would be really helpful. And really, it won’t take tooContinue reading ““Vicious Circle” in Quantum Wanderlust”