My #WritersLife Goals

Ciao, amici! You ever have a weird thought pop into your head? Not sure why I’m asking. If you’re reading this, you’re either a reader or a writer (or both), and both categories of people are known for active imaginations. I’ve been thinking about my blog. A lot. Mostly the fact that life forced meContinue reading “My #WritersLife Goals”

Five Things I Learned from the Garry Shandling Bio

I’ve been watching a lot of biographies lately. Okay, I admit it—I’ve been watching a lot of serial killer documentaries. It’s novel-writing research. I’m not twisted. I swear. Before I confuse you, Garry Shandling was not a serial killer. But I remember the first time I saw him on television. His dry, self-deprecating humor reallyContinue reading “Five Things I Learned from the Garry Shandling Bio”