My #WritersLife Goals

Ciao, amici! Checking in with my updates. And an opportunity for you. I was surprised to be assigned the proofread of the novel I edited that’s over 200,000 words. Proofreads go much faster than line edits, but at that length, they still take a lot of time. So, I didn’t get through my revisions asContinue reading “My #WritersLife Goals”

My #WritersLife Goals

Ciao, amici! It’s been two weeks. I was too swamped with work and family issues to even draft a fast post last week. Sorry about that. I’m sure you’re expecting big news. So, here it is: Good News I finished my massive (over 200,000-word) edit. That in and of itself is cause to celebrate. InContinue reading “My #WritersLife Goals”

My #WritersLife Goals

Ciao, amici! You ever have a weird thought pop into your head? Not sure why I’m asking. If you’re reading this, you’re either a reader or a writer (or both), and both categories of people are known for active imaginations. I’ve been thinking about my blog. A lot. Mostly the fact that life forced meContinue reading “My #WritersLife Goals”

What a Way to Come Back

Ciao, amici. I know… it feels like forever since we chatted. Sorry about that. There were some things I needed to deal with, some changes I needed to make. I started reading and liking posts this week. Boy, I missed you all so much! Starting Monday, I intend to start commenting, too. The plan isContinue reading “What a Way to Come Back”

Caffeine… A Writer’s Necessity

Ciao, amici. This isn’t my usual post (or type of post), but I have a crippling amount of work to do, so I’m procrastinating. I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t so tired. But I’m caffeine deprived. See, when I was at the store on Sunday, I found chocolate-covered coffee beans. They’re my favorite guilty pleasure becauseContinue reading “Caffeine… A Writer’s Necessity”

🎵 With a Little Help from My Friends 🎶

I thought of the theme of this post, and I immediately thought of The Beatles song. Then again, throughout the course of any given day, I say, think, or hear phrases that remind me of a whole bunch of songs, so this isn’t a surprise to me. (It is, however, why I have a runningContinue reading “🎵 With a Little Help from My Friends 🎶”

Avoiding Distractions When Writing | Freedom App

Joan Hall at Story Empire wrote a great post today on the Freedom App. It’s free and it helps eliminate distractions when we write. Check out her post and the awesome tool! By the way, it’s the first day of spring. Hope it’s a warm and wonderful one for you!