Mondays are Murder: Mary Rogers

Ciao, amici. Is there anything worse than a violent, senseless murder? How about a violent, senseless murder that's never solved? That's the case of Mary Rogers. Mary was renowned for her beauty. When her father died, she took a job at a tobacco shop in New York City. The seventeen year old quickly began to … Continue reading Mondays are Murder: Mary Rogers

Mondays are Murder: H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes was a con man and serial killer. Born Herman Webster Mudgett, he changed his name to Henry Howard Holmes in an effort to avoid arrest for a slew of crimes (including grifting and insurance fraud). Holmes moved to Chicago before they hosted the World's Fair in 1893, and he bought and remodeled a building---three stories tall and a block long---which he named the World's Fair Hotel.

Mondays are Murder: Charles Manson #cult #serialkiller

Ciao, amici. As promised, I'm continuing with the changes to my posting schedule. I've chosen "Mondays are Murder" to discuss mystery/suspense/thriller topics. Could be real life stories, possibly a movie or show I watched, maybe a book or series I've read. Why this topic, you ask? My publisher's schedule is fixed through the end of … Continue reading Mondays are Murder: Charles Manson #cult #serialkiller