Eavesdropping on Characters In Pittsburgh

Visits home are few and far between. Most of the time is spent with family, but if I can squeeze in a trip to the city, I try to. Ride the incline, shop at the Strip, catch a game, cruise on the Clipper, visit a museum… The list is endless, really, when I sit downContinue reading “Eavesdropping on Characters In Pittsburgh”

When Traditions Take Over

Well, I haven’t been online since Wednesday (except for a brief check-in here and there and the occasional recipe double-check), but we managed it. Another full family holiday put together with just the four of us. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the importance of keeping up with traditions, I wouldn’t go through the trouble. WeContinue reading “When Traditions Take Over”

Need Motivation? Look No Further

We’ve been having the strangest weather. My kids have missed eight days for snow already, and we’re in the south. I’m told that’s not unheard of for this area, but come on. What’s the point of living in the south—far from family and good Italian food—if not avoiding snow? But I digress… Gramma never complainsContinue reading “Need Motivation? Look No Further”

Do You Know Where You Come From?

If you’ve browsed my blog, website, or Facebook page, you know I’m from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, and you know what it’s famous for. If not (or if you’ve forgotten), I’ll tell you. Vandergrift is the first worker-owned, industrially-planned town in America. When founder George G. McMurtry acquired an iron and steel mill on 640 acres ofContinue reading “Do You Know Where You Come From?”

Grandma, Light Bulbs, and My Epiphany

It’s the new year. We’ve all been reflecting on 2013 and making resolutions for 2014. I look back on 2013 as an eventful one. It was a year of making new friends, losing dear loved ones, publishing my first novel, securing an agent, earning several writing awards at a writing conference, winning first place inContinue reading “Grandma, Light Bulbs, and My Epiphany”

First Friday Fiction Feature – Laci and Del: Second Chance?

by Staci Troilo It’s the first Friday of the month. You know what that means… it’s time for another installment of short fiction. (You can, at any time, find this work or any of the First Friday Fiction Features, by going to the My Work tab, clicking on Freebies, and selecting the story you wish to read.) ThisContinue reading “First Friday Fiction Feature – Laci and Del: Second Chance?”

Here We Come A Caroling… Sort of. Won’t You Come With Me?

I have a real honor today. I’m guest posting/visiting on a friend and fellow Tribe Writer’s blog talking all about family Christmas traditions. Won’t you join me on Joan Hall’s site (Joan Hall Writes) as we discuss Christmas and family? Hope to see you there!

Do You Embrace the Hyphens?

This has been a busy month. My book came out in print. I had modest success at a writing competition at a writer’s conference. My son turned sixteen. Got his official driver’s licence and went out on his own. He was inducted into National Honor’s Society. My daughter, as a freshman, qualified for the conferenceContinue reading “Do You Embrace the Hyphens?”

Four Ways a Family Game Can Help Improve Your Writing

Quite often I talk about family traditions in my blog. One that I don’t believe I covered yet is bocce. The word “bocce” is a pluralized form of the Italian word “boccia” which means “bowl,” so it’s probably not surprising that, in the United States, bocce is often referred to as lawn bowling. That makesContinue reading “Four Ways a Family Game Can Help Improve Your Writing”

Times Change — Embracing New Traditions

We celebrated Independence Day this past week. In addition to the swimming and the picnic food, we set off fireworks. That’s one of my son’s favorite things to do. I think it has something to do with the power of the explosives and the exhilaration the display causes everyone who’s watching. The ones we setContinue reading “Times Change — Embracing New Traditions”