Hurricanes, Fires, and Remembrance

Today's post won't be about writing. I want to take a second to talk about heroes and American strength and resilience. Wildfires in the west, hurricanes and flooding in the south and east, and the anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil. These situations have had me praying non-stop since they happened. Three … Continue reading Hurricanes, Fires, and Remembrance


A Tall Tail… er, Tale

Casey was born in a litter of what was supposed to be red Labradors. (Red is worth more money because it's rare.) Our guy came out white, though, and with a shorter tail than he should have had. Because of this, the breeder labeled him as sub-standard for the litter and discounted him. Turns out, … Continue reading A Tall Tail… er, Tale

In Heartfelt Remembrance

To me, it seems odd to say "Happy Memorial Day" because the loss of any life---even when the sacrifice secures our safety and freedom---is a tragedy. I'm blessed in that many of my family members (and those of my husband) have served this great country, and all of them returned home to us. I currently … Continue reading In Heartfelt Remembrance

It’s the holiday season…

It's Christmas Eve eve. The tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped, the cookies are baked. Cards didn't get done again this year, but all told, I can't complain. I got most of the items crossed off my to-do list. One last gift... It's something I can't wrap, but I'm happy to give it to … Continue reading It’s the holiday season…

What I’m Thankful For

When I was young, I hated Thanksgiving. I mean, I loved the time off school, but I felt like I was celebrating a huge deception. The Native Americans saved the European colonists, and in exchange, we took everything from them. Truth be told, it still bothers me. But as I grow older, I grow more … Continue reading What I’m Thankful For

When Traditions Take Over

Well, I haven’t been online since Wednesday (except for a brief check-in here and there and the occasional recipe double-check), but we managed it. Another full family holiday put together with just the four of us. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the importance of keeping up with traditions, I wouldn’t go through the trouble. We … Continue reading When Traditions Take Over

Do You Celebrate National Tartan Day?

Yesterday the US officially celebrated National Tartan Day. It’s observed on April 6 every year in commemoration of the signing of the Scottish Declaration of Independence on April 6, 1320. In the US, we acknowledge it because the Scottish Declaration of Independence was the document upon which we based our own Declaration of Independence, and … Continue reading Do You Celebrate National Tartan Day?

When Everybody’s Irish, And Should Be

by Staci Troilo I’m part Irish, although I know more about my Italian heritage than the other side of my family. But today, I happily claim my Celtic roots. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, one and all! I don’t know much about how my dad’s side of the family celebrated this feast day. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading When Everybody’s Irish, And Should Be

Ten Days and Counting. Are You Ready?

by Staci Troilo Lent starts in ten days. We discussed it at Mass this week. Apparently we should already be preparing. I find that funny, because the Season of Lent is a season of preparation. So I’m supposed to be preparing to prepare? I get what they’re saying, but I’m really having a hard time … Continue reading Ten Days and Counting. Are You Ready?

Even Heroes Sometimes Fall

by Staci Troilo I didn’t think I was going to watch the Olympics. Not because the athletes and the games don’t interest me. They do. I’m a sucker for a good competition. I’m just not crazy about the coverage, and I haven’t been for the last several games. The announcers try to make drama where … Continue reading Even Heroes Sometimes Fall