Fast Fifteen with Author V. R. Craft

Here's our second Fast Fifteen of the year. Please help me welcome author V. R. Craft. V. R. Craft always heard you should write about what you know, so she decided to write a book called Stupid Humans, drawing on her previous experience working in retail and her subsequent desire to get away from planet … Continue reading Fast Fifteen with Author V. R. Craft

Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

If you're a writer, you've heard that saying. (If you skipped the title, look up or at the graphic.) Have you ever tried it? The first part, I mean. I have to say, I haven't. But there have been days I considered it. Oh, there have been days... Editing, however, is another matter. That's when … Continue reading Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

A Visit and a Chat About Cathedral Lake

Where is Cathedral Lake, you ask? It's a fictional town in Western Pennsylvania and is the setting for the Cathedral Lake series---a trilogy about the dysfunctional Keller family comprised of Type and Cross, Out and About, and Pride and Fall. The history of the town is revealed in Out and About and explored in "The … Continue reading A Visit and a Chat About Cathedral Lake

Fast Fifteen with Author Cecelia Wilson

Here we go---the first Fast Fifteen of 2018. Today we'll learn more about author Cecelia Wilson. For more than a decade, Cecelia has been the Feature Writer for Searcy Living magazine.  Over the years, she has penned articles introducing readers to governors, senators, Grammy Award-winning musicians, and individuals from all walks of life. In addition to … Continue reading Fast Fifteen with Author Cecelia Wilson

Oops, I Did It Again

This really isn't like me. I swear. I've just been so busy, I haven't been able to keep track of things. I need an assistant, but no one works for homemade baked goods. Especially when it involves a telecommuting job. ("Wages" would be stale by the time they were received.) Anyway, I wrote a post … Continue reading Oops, I Did It Again

Cats, Christmas, and Romance

By now, you guys know I love to host other authors on my site. Today I'm super-excited because I get to host one of my favorite writers. She's also a dear friend. Please welcome Mae Clair back to the blog! Staci, thanks for inviting me to hang out on your blog today. I’m uber-festive right now … Continue reading Cats, Christmas, and Romance

City Sidewalks, An Addendum

This time of year, I think we're all busy. In addition to any holiday preparations and celebrations we might be dealing with, we probably have a lot of end-of-year work to complete. I know I do. On all counts. In short, I've been distracted. So distracted, in fact, that I scheduled a post for today … Continue reading City Sidewalks, An Addendum

Fast Fifteen with Author Crow Johnson Evans

It's time for another Fast Fifteen Feature, this time on author Crow Johnson Evans. A transplant to the Ozarks in the 1970s, Crow carries a lifetime of adventures across the states and the globe.  A former songwriter performer with a degree in Zoology, she loves the powerful influence of Nature on humans, spinning yarns, weaving, … Continue reading Fast Fifteen with Author Crow Johnson Evans

Four More Marketing Tips for Authors

Happy Friday! I know I already posted content today, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about the second part of the marketing series I wrote for my friend and fellow writer, Sue Coletta. Earlier this week at her site, we discussed these eight items: Author Identity Online Presence Writing Stellar Content Book … Continue reading Four More Marketing Tips for Authors

A Revealing “Interview” with Body Armor Characters

My friend and fellow author, C. S. Boyack, created a fascinating character, Lisa Burton, in one of his novels, Wild Concept. One cool thing about her? She's a robot girl. Another cool thing? When the novel was over, Craig kept her around as his marketing assistant and spokesmodel. She even has her own radio show! … Continue reading A Revealing “Interview” with Body Armor Characters