Rules We Memorize

I’ve been pretty busy lately with editing, both for clients and myself. One of the authors I work with said something to me that got me thinking. Commas and hyphens are the minions of Satan. I’ll never figure out how to use them. Anyone who knows me knows math is the bane of my existence.Continue reading “Rules We Memorize”

Writing Inspiration Comes from the Strangest Places

I was diagnosed with a congenital back condition when I was eighteen. I’d been having more and more pain, and finally I had to undergo a series of tests to determine the problem. One such test was the dreaded MRI. To the average observer, it looks like a medical machine. The knocking sounds it makesContinue reading “Writing Inspiration Comes from the Strangest Places”

A Photo Collage of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

My Medici Protectorate series begins with the Notaro family, who live in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania—my hometown. I loved growing up there and miss it every day. While times have changed, this is the way I’ll always picture it. Here’s my brief homage to Vandergrift. This is the Casino. No gambling was ever done there, though. AtContinue reading “A Photo Collage of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania”

Short Fiction: Go Away

“What ‘cha doin?” His voice startled her. She jumped and looked up from her computer. “How’d you get in here?” “Door’s unlocked.” “Shouldn’t have been.” “You probably forgot to lock it.” No kidding. “You think?” “What else could it be?” She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, let it out slowly. Then she triedContinue reading “Short Fiction: Go Away”

Book Excerpt: Body Armor (Synchronize)

When I hear the word “synchronize”, I immediately think of special ops synching their watches. (That, and synchronized swimming, and for that, I’ve got nothing.) I haven’t written a military novel (yet), but my heroes in the Medici Protectorate series are warriors in their own right. As I prepare to release book three, Body ArmorContinue reading “Book Excerpt: Body Armor (Synchronize)”

Book Excerpt: Mind Control (Visceral)

Today’s fiction installment is from book two of the Medici Protectorate series, Mind Control. We join Jo and Vinnie as they’re trying to figure out who will stay in which bedroom of a luxury hotel suite they’re being forced to share. How they got in that situation in the first place is a story inContinue reading “Book Excerpt: Mind Control (Visceral)”

Short Fiction: The Last

Cap walked cautiously away from the fence and headed into the forest. The trees provided cover for them, but it also offered camouflage for the enemy. His eyes never stopped moving as he traversed the overgrown path. Briggs trailed after Cap, seemingly unaware of the concept of stealth. He nudged a shrub with the toeContinue reading “Short Fiction: The Last”

Short Fiction: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Kelly burst through the doors. She looked over her shoulder. No one followed. “Whoa!” She heard the exclamation too late. Before she turned forward, she plowed into her father. Her breath left her in a whoosh on impact, then she bounced off him and landed on her backside. Dad bent over and made a groany,Continue reading “Short Fiction: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”