Michelangelo’s Birthday… Celebrate with a Series

Ciao, amici!

Every year, I post about Michelangelo’s birthday on social media, but I seldom think to post on my blog. I’m going to rectify that today.

In real life, the Medici were patrons of Michelangelo. With their backing, he was able to create timeless classics that we still enjoy today.

In my fictional world, their relationship is something even more noteworthy. In fact, it reaches through the ages to modern times, where descendants of the Medici still live, and a brotherhood of warriors protect them from an evil cabal intent on using them for their machinations or eliminating them for good.

This four-book saga has it all—magic, mystery, political intrigue, international settings, family drama, love,

If you like steamy romantic suspense spanning several centuries and two continents, I invite you to celebrate the birthday of Il Divino (as Michelangelo was known in his lifetime) by checking out the Medici Protectorate series.


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