A #bookreview of Sue Coletta’s UNNATURAL MAYHEM #mystery

Ciao, amici! I know I usually do reviews on Tuesdays, but due to personal issues in December, I’m already behind. So, here’s a special Thursday edition of my book review feature.

With the fate of the Natural World at stake, can Shawnee and Mayhem stop trophy hunters before it’s too late?

Explosive news of a crow hunt rings out in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire, and one hundred crows gather to put an end to it. With so many lives at stake—including Poe’s—Shawnee and Mayhem must work together to stop the trophy hunters before they obliterate the local murder.

Taking on twenty-five experienced hunters armed with shotguns is no small feat. If they fail, Poe may lead his brethren to their death.

No matter what it takes, this group must be stopped.

But what if Shawnee and Mayhem aren’t seeing the full picture? What if these men have secrets worth killing over?

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My Review:

A Well-Researched Blend of Culture and… (no other way to say it) Mayhem

I’ve been a fan of this series since book one. Mr. Mayhem had a Hannibal Lecter quality that greatly appealed to me, and Shawnee was not your ordinary girl-power heroine.

Both of these characters have evolved over the course of the series, and they’ve only gotten better.

This installment dives heavily into Shawnee’s heritage, and as I’ve always been interested in the Diné and have even written a Navajo story myself, this element of the work greatly appealed to me. But this novel is not all legend, lore, and history. There is a mystery afoot, and the body count might be the biggest yet in the Mayhem series. Coletta starts the story with the pedal to the floor, and she never lets up, taking us through the tale at a vigorous pace.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ongoing contentious relationship between Shawnee and Poe (who might be my favorite character). And Kimi’s role will squeeze your heart. I admit to missing Levaughn and Nadine, but there’s only so much room in the story, and it made sense that they didn’t have any page time. I hope they’re back in the next installment. And yes, based on the ending, I’m confident there will be a book six. (Yay!)

I would definitely read this series in order. Although the book is a self-contained mystery, there’s a lot of history you really don’t want to miss. Unnatural Mayhem gets an easy five stars from me.

That’s it from me today. Let me know your thoughts on this book/series. I’ll see you in the comments. Saluti!

67 thoughts on “A #bookreview of Sue Coletta’s UNNATURAL MAYHEM #mystery

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  2. I enjoyed the first book in this series, Staci, and you’ve nudged me to pick up the rest. The blurb of this one is particularly appealing to me, probably for similar reasons that you enjoyed it–“the legend, lore, and history.” Thanks for sharing your review and congrats to Sue on another winner.

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  3. Great review, Staci! Sounds like Sue did an excellent job with her latest in the Mayhem series. I love the relationship between Shawnee and Poe as well. It sounds like there is a lot more story to tell in this series. Congratulations to Sue!

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  4. I hate to say it, but I haven’t followed this series, and when I read the blurb and reviews, I couldn’t decide if Shawnee and Poe were humans or if the story was from a crow’s POV, so I looked at the first book and realized Shawnee was a human. But I love the idea of the book and series. Good luck with your latest, Sue. And thanks for hosting her, Staci.

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  5. A big congratulations, Sue. Your series sounds like a must-read for me. Thank you, Staci, for posting your review and the information about the series. I’m headed to Amazon…

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