New #Horror #ShortStory on Vocal “An Element of Truth”

Ciao, amici! I’m trying to get back into a routine, but my move is in less than a month, and “routine” is something that simply isn’t on the horizon at the moment. I did manage to write a story this week. It’s part of a challenge, which gave me added incentive, but I really wanted to be sure I posted something on Vocal because someone pledged to follow me. Given they put up money to do so, I felt I owed them a submission.

This horror story, “An Element of Truth,” is for the campfire contest. Vocal provided us with the opening line. It wouldn’t have been my first choice for an opener, but I do like to challenge myself. I’d be very grateful for any reading, liking, commenting, and/or sharing on their site. Any support is always appreciated.

You can find my entry here.

Hope to see you on Vocal. Grazie!

37 thoughts on “New #Horror #ShortStory on Vocal “An Element of Truth”

  1. Loved it, Staci! I enjoyed the tension and use of legends. Really well done! Best of luck with the contest and your move. I hope everything goes well for you. 🙂

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    • Those songs that sound like nursery rhymes but are really spooky legends always freak me out. Same with doll collections. And clowns. (Things for kids are very disturbing!)

      Thanks so much, Priscilla. As you’re such a horror fan, your opinion means a lot.

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  2. Loved it, Staci! Reminded me of 80s slasher movies, and I honestly didn’t suspect the ending. Sure hope the move goes smoothly, and you get settled quickly so you can see your granddaughter every day.

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    • Wow. I didn’t expect that. Thanks, Teri.

      I won’t get to see Evaluna that often. We’ll be much closer, but too far to visit daily. But very likely once a month, which is much better than now! I’m going to miss my family here, but that little baby… She’s stolen my heart.

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    • Oh, I’m under no illusions. This one isn’t going to catch the notice of the judges. But it was fun to write. I didn’t have enough words at my disposal to do what I wanted, but I’ve been toying with characters who seem sympathetic but turn out not to be. This was a first draft in developing such a character.

      Thanks, Harmony.

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