Two #BookReviews of #Poems by @Harmony_Kent

Ciao, amici! Today, I’ve got two reviews for you, both by Harmony Kent. This time, it’s poetry instead of fiction, but I promise you the books are fast and easy reads (though, if you’re like me, you’ll want to go back and savor a few more slowly the second time around). I know you’ll enjoy the work as much as I did.

To save space, I haven’t included the blurbs, but you can click on the book covers for more information.

Without further ado…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Review:

Beautiful and Purposeful

I don’t often read poetry. When I finally do, I tend to read a lot of it for a while. This book has started me on my binge.

The poet has organized her offerings in a clever way, and I really enjoyed the different sections, particularly “Soul Music.” 

While it would be impossible to choose a favorite in this collection, a few that really stood out were Phantoms, Diamonds, Waiting, and Glitch. (I guess I have a thing for single-word titles.)

The foreward and a few little notes she included enhanced my reading experience. I highly recommend not skipping them.

This book is a joy to recommend. I’m off to read the next in this series.



Life and Soul cover


Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Review:

Powerful and Enlightening

I read this book the second I completed the first in the series. I’m moved by the poet’s ability to make me relate to situations I’m unfamiliar with so easily. Likewise, there are other times I think she’s tapped into my mind and heart and is writing from my experiences. It takes a true talent to have such range, and Kent has that.

I’m once again unable to choose a favorite section or poem, but a few I really want to call out are Echoes, Pariah, Drenched, and Blindsided. Though all her selections were powerful and moving, these four really spoke to my soul.

I highly recommend this volume and eagerly look forward to her next collection.


That’s it for me today. If you’ve read either of these (or would like to), I’d love to chat with you about it. Leave a message below. Grazie!

62 thoughts on “Two #BookReviews of #Poems by @Harmony_Kent

  1. I know nothing about poetry and have no talent for writing it, but I can appreciate it. Both of these sound wonderful, especially since you found yourself identifying with so many of the poems. Congrats to Harmony!

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  2. Harmony’s poetry is realistic and thought-provoking! I agree with you Staci, some of the poems are powerful and moving. I am delighted to note that you enjoy poetry. 😊 Thanks for sharing your fabulous reviews.

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