Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ciao, amici! I’m about to go on my winter break and won’t be online until 2022. Before my hiatus, I wanted to write one last 2021 post.

No Such Luck

Professionally, you probably wonder what the heck I did for twelve months. I only had one release, it wasn’t even a full-length novel, and it didn’t come out until the end of the year. I promise, I was hard at work! And you’ll start to see the fruits of my labor in 2022. I plan to finish the Keystone Couples series this spring. The second installment releases in January and I’ll have one more, probably before Easter. I also have a suspense series in the works. Book one is ready to go, book two is half done, and book three is anxiously awaiting my attention. If all goes well, I’ll have them ready in the second half of the year. And I have a surprise project that I’ve never discussed publicly. Keep an eye out for it! I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you.

I can’t believe how short my hair was!

Personally, it was a huge year. My daughter got married. That took up a lot of my time and energy for the first half of the year. But the event was beautiful, she looked gorgeous, and we were able to visit with family and friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time. She moved away the following day, making me an empty-nester. That required a big adjustment on my part. In fact, I’m still adjusting. Then she told me I’ll be a grandmother in 2022! It’s all been a whirlwind. It guts me that she lives so far away, but thank God for technology. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll be expecting video chats every day. I don’t want to miss a second of my granddaughter’s life. Yesterday, she sent me a 3D sonogram picture. Technology is amazing. And that little girl is so precious! I can’t wait to hold her. As for my son, he started a new job that he enjoys and tells me nothing about his social life. As he’s one thousand miles away, I can’t snoop on him. I tried to tell him I’d happily screen his dates to make sure he found a nice girl to settle down with. Can’t imagine why, but he turned down my offer. He can’t make it home for Christmas, but my daughter and son-in-law will be coming. I’m looking forward to their visit more than I can say.

My granddaughter (sucking her thumb).

I can’t believe how fast this year went, but I’m ready for it to be over. And I’m really looking forward to 2022. I hope you’ll continue visiting with me when I return. Until then, know I’m grateful for you and wish you and yours the happiest of holidays. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

71 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Congratulations to you, Staci! You had a busy 2021, the least to say! And you’ll be a grandmother in 2022! Oh, I shed happy tears for you! I still remember my daughter waiting until she got the sonograph before telling us and showing us on Skye. But, I had a magical emotional connection with my daughter. I sensed it the moment she was conceived with her first and second daughters. I documented them and confirmed them later.
    I know how it feels when you don’t want to miss any moment of your granddaughter. It’s so precious to see her sucking her thumb. My daughter has a Tinybeans account where she posts photos daily for family and friends to see. I went once a month and stayed for a week during Autumn’s first year. Now I’m (my husband started to join me) going to see them every six weeks and spend a week with the kids. I don’t want to miss any of their development. My daughter is good at sharing with me when I was not there when it happens, such as their rolling over, or crawling.

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    • TinyBeans is wonderful. My niece shares pictures of her sons with all of us through the app. It’s nice that it’s calendar-based, so you always know when the picture was taken.

      My daughter will definitely keep me in the loop. We talk almost every day (and text when we don’t speak), and she sends me videos and pictures of her cat constantly. It won’t be the same as having them live in the same town as me, but it will have to do. And I have plans to spend a few weeks with her when the baby comes to help her get settled.

      It’s sad that I won’t be with her all the time, but I always try to remember that when my grandparents left Europe, they never saw their families again. Technology, for all its bugs and quirks, has made things much easier on me than they ever had it.

      Happy New Year, Miriam.

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      • Last year when Tinybeans made the change, at first the owner asked people to subscribe. My daughter thought he would start charging, but he never did. It would be foolish of him to charge the users. He claimed to have millions of users. If every user subscribes, it would have made him a millionaire overnight. My daughter said she wouldn’t subscribe. And the time came and went, the programs was still there to use. If he discontinues the users, he would have lost all the advertisement business. Twitter and Facebook don’t charge users, why would he think he could charge? I asked my daughter to use the app to write a few words, not just posting photos, to chronicle the kids’ major events. I even downloaded some photos and copied her comments for my own keeping.

        We learned a lot from our parents and grandparents and try to do it better for our children and grandchildren, Staci. I want to play an important part in my grandchildren’s lives. It goes both ways, they are a joy and blessings in our lives also.

        When Autumn was born, I stayed with my daughter for six weeks initially, to just help to do the laundry and cooking so that she and her husband spent full time to learn about parenting. My daughter had a problem nursing Autumn and was very stressful for a while, until the pediatrician found out the baby had a tongue tie and had problem sucking. and did a little operation on her.

        I still remember the first night when Mercy came home. We all slept in the living room with the baby in the middle so at least one of us would wake up if Autumn cried. But by the second night, Mercy said it was okay for them to have Autumn in their room.

        After staying for six weeks, I went back every month to stay for a week.

        Those were precious moments. I’m happy that your daughter is so close to you, Staci! Family is a blessing.

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        • You’re so right, Miriam. The parent/child relationship definitely goes both ways. From the second I conceived my kids to this day, I felt nothing but blessed. Our relationships have changed over the years (as they should should), but I always felt like I got more from them than they did from me. And now I get to enjoy seeing my daughter have that same experience. The joy of motherhood is truly inexplicable. It can (and usually does) come with a lot of tears along the way, but it’s my proudest achievement to have raised two such wonderful kids. And now I get to see the next generation! It’s such a blessing.


  2. You’ve had some big moments in ’21, Staci, and it looks like ’22 is shaping up to be an exciting year too!
    Congratulations on the upcoming release, and the newest family member! I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday and New Year!

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  3. I love all those pictures, Staci, especially your grandbaby sucking her thumb! Technology amazes me now with the 3D shots they get! Have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Year with so much to look forward to. Xo

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  4. You’ve had such an exciting & busy year, Staci! Thank you for sharing all the fun with us. Congrats to you and your family on the new addition. Best wishes to you as we count down to 2022. ❤

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  5. You’ve had a busy year! Lots of things are more important than publishing a book. Seeing that sonogram picture warms my heart. Amazing what technology can do these days.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And here’s to a productive 2022!

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    • As much as I grumble about technology, when I see something like that, I’m astonished and grateful.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, my friend. And wishing you a productive and prosperous 2022, as well.

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  6. 2021 was a behind-the-scenes for many, Staci. I love the photos! I know you are so anxious for the visit with your daughter AND the arrival of the little one. Let’s say goodbye to 2021 and drink a toast to 2022- a year of productivity!! Merry Christmas! Oh, and thanks for the tease about the secret project. 🙂 Now, I’m dying to know.

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  7. You’ve had a big year, Staci! The wedding pics are beautiful, and just look at your granddaughter! Technology has really advanced since we had our kids. I read No Such Luck riding in the cart while hubby golfed last weekend and loved it – hoping to get the review posted by tomorrow. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    • I wish I had 3D pics of my kids. But the regular ones will have to do. (Like it matters. I have THEM now.) But this technology is amazing!

      I can’t believe you went golfing with your husband and read in the cart. That’s hilarious. I’m touched that you chose my story and delighted that you liked it, especially since you aren’t a romance fan. Thank you so much. I’ll try my best to check the blog, but I’m now in cleaning mode. I have guests coming! (I’m so excited, as you’ve probably noticed.)

      Happy holidays to you and yours, Teri.

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  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well Staci. It sounds like a busy 2021 is in the books and you have a wonderful 2022 coming up. I have to say being a grandma is the best! I am blessed that my children both live close by and see them often. Enjoy your holidays. 💖🎄🎅

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  9. What an amazing year it was! Seeing your daughter’s beautiful photos, from wedding to new granddaughter, warmed my heart immensely. And…they reminded me that there were wonderful things that occurred in 2021. You will love being a grandma, and if 2022 cooperates, we’ll all see our grandkids up close. Much love and heartfelt congratulations, Staci. May your Christmas be one of laughter and light. God bless you. ❄🎄❄

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    • There’s always good to be found if we look for it. There was plenty to be upset about, but I chose to focus on the positive. And I can’t wait to be a grandma!

      Thanks for kind words, Gwen. Wishing nothing but the best for you and yours, this holiday season and always.

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  10. Staci, what an incredible year for you and your family! Your daughter looks stunning and I’m smiling at the public and private photo … looks like they have a lot of laughs. Wow! A grandchild on the way already! Next year will be amazing for your all!

    Congratulations on all your projects, including the secret one!

    Wishing you a very special Christmas! It’s lovely your daughter and son in law can visit. My son and his girlfriend are coming home for five days and I’m already so excited. Luckily they only live eighty miles away and he’s still at uni so we see each other quite often! Still this precursor to empty nesters take a LOT of adjusting to!

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