C.S. Boyack’s #bookrelease: WRECK OF THE LANTERNFISH #adventure #pirates

Ciao, amici! I’ve got a real treat for you today. If you’re a speculative fiction fan, you’ve surely come across the work of this wildly inventive author. His creativity is legendary, and some of my favorite characters of his—the root monsters—say goodbye to us in this third and final installment of the series.

As the self-appointed president of the Root Monster Fan Club, I’m ever-hopeful he writes a series of spinoffs with the little creatures, maybe humorous shorts detailing their escapades. I know I’d be an easy sell.

For those of you who still haven’t guessed who I mean, please help me happily welcome back C.S. Boyack.

Thanks for inviting me over again. This time it’s all about the conclusion of the Lanternfish trilogy. Unlike my other series, you almost have to read this one in order.

This trilogy has a lot of characters, and aside from the main ones of Captain James and Serang, many of you grew to love some of the supporting crew. Mal the witch doctor/surgeon has his fans, as does Johnny Jump Up and Biscuit Bill. There is one that seemed to capture everyone’s attention.

Rather than a single character, this is a collection known as the root monsters. Created by Mal as a temporary solution to guard a camp, they became a regular part of the crew, and their antics garnered a lot of positive comments.

They’re back in Wreck of the Lanternfish, and their schemes haven’t weakened over time. They seem to do things a bit differently, but usually produce results.

I’ve been known to burst out in laughter as I write those sections. I think readers are going to enjoy the section about the “Mikes.” I won’t spoil it for you, so you can get the full impact.

While these were intended to be a kind of swarm character, I also worked to keep them individuals. Boss, Trouble, and Flat Top have their own tiny personalities, as do some of the lesser known ones.

They thrill for each other when one of them earns a name, and there are some new names handed out in this story. Deeds worthy of remembrance deserve some kind of acknowledgement.

The monsters march to their own drummer. Happy, fun loving, and eager to please. They can also be destructive and deadly dangerous under the right circumstances. They are monsters after all.

They’ve wormed their way into many of your hearts, and I admit, I’ve fallen victim myself. Pick up a copy of Wreck of the Lanternfish and get ready to “Fight like weasels.”

Wreck of the Lanternfish purchase link

Trilogy link

* * *

James Cuttler created a peaceful spot for him and his wife to settle down. Far from the war that ravages their homeland, far from the reputation he earned as the notorious pirate Captain Bloodwater, and far from responsibility.

A royal Prelonian houseguest is a constant reminder of what’s at stake half a world away, of the friends he put ashore to fight the war. He lives in a dream world that’s temporary, at best. It’s only a matter of time before his guest is identified and the black assassins come for her.

He mortgages his precious vineyard to pay for repairs to his ship. If nothing else, Lanternfish will be one of the most powerful ships in the war, if he’s not already too late.

James will have to merge the skills of commander and con man into something new to make this work. He’ll need to avoid those on his own side who would hang him for piracy.

Serang is half a world away, leading her army of mercinary swordsmen toward the Fulminites. Mistrusted by both sides of the war, she appears as a third combatant on the battlefield. She may eliminate the mysterious order only to succumb to the demons of her own tragic past.

Strap on your swords and hoist the colors one more time as the thrilling Lanternfish Trilogy comes to an end.

It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? After reading the first two fabulous installments, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the third to see how it all ends. But now that it’s here, I know I have to say goodbye to many characters I’ve grown fond of, not the least of which are my favorite little root monsters. But I will be reading this shortly, as I can’t wait to find out how it all ends.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Craig much success with this book and the whole series. Please use those like, share, and purchase options before leaving him a message of support. Grazie!

64 thoughts on “C.S. Boyack’s #bookrelease: WRECK OF THE LANTERNFISH #adventure #pirates

  1. I am so late to this party, but have to throw in my two-cents worth about the root monsters. They truly make the story and are major players in the scheme of things. AND, I have to say their conclusion in Wreck of the Lanternfish made me tear up just a little. Well-done, Craig! Congratulations to you and thank you, Staci for hosting!

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  2. Thanks for hosting Craig, Staci! I’m near the end of the book, meant to finish it by now, because I love it, but life hasn’t agreed with reading time. But bless James. That man tries so hard to do the right thing! And he’s a pirate:) I’m rooting for King Reynard. He’s young and spoiled but has a good heart. Can’t wait to see what he decides to do with his life. I want ALL of them to have a happy ever after.

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  3. These little guys are some of my favorite characters that I’ve ran across reading. I’m definitely a fan and like Staci, if there was a spin off or short story about them, I’d read it! This was a great series all around, with many great characters!

    Thanks for hosting, Staci 🙂

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  4. While there are many characters in the Lanterfish series that have captured my heart, the root monsters lodged there quickly and refuse to let go. I ADORE them. And I LOVE the excitement whenever one of them earns a name.

    This was such a fun post, about a fun set of characters. Congratulations, Craig, and thanks for hosting today, Staci!

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  5. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:

    Lanternfish is docked at Staci Troilo’s place today. This time the topic is root monsters. These little guys seem to have captured everyone’s imagination.

    Staci is a fabulous author, and a partner at Story Empire. Be sure to check out her site and books while you’re over there.

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