Virtual Cookie Exchange

Ciao, amici! Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I am. My daughter and her husband are coming home for Christmas, and I can’t wait to see them. Of course I’m making all her favorites (especially since she’s eating for two this year), so I started my baking a bit early.

I wish I had thought of this sooner, but I’m going to throw the idea out to you and see if you’re interested.

Virtual Cookie (Recipe) Exchange

As I’m baking this weekend, I’m going to take photos of the steps as I go, then (of course) I’ll take a picture of the final product. Next Thursday, December 16, I will post on my blog the recipe and photos. If you’d like to join in, leave a comment below. On Thursday, you post your recipe and photos on your site. Message me the link in advance so I can have a master page with links to all our posts.

It’s not quite as good as a real cookie exchange would be, but we can all end up with a bunch of new recipes to try. Bonus if you share a story or tradition with your post.

Like I said, I’m sorry I didn’t think of this sooner. But I hope you think it’s a fun idea and want to join in. If I’m the only one, I’ll still post my recipe for you. And if we get a lot of participation, we could make this a yearly thing. Thoughts on that?

Anyway, those of you who are interested, say so below. I’ll start the master list.

Happy baking! Grazie!

88 thoughts on “Virtual Cookie Exchange

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  3. Sounds like so much fun, Staci, but I won’t be baking my almond biscotti till Monday, Dec. 20th. Today marks my final 2021 post on the Kill Zone, so I’m trying to do the same on my blog to free up time to prepare for the annual Christmas Eve celebration at our house. Looking forward to your Cookie Exchange post!

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  5. How exciting that your daughter is eating for two!! Congratulations, Staci! My excitements were not too long ago so I remember each of the two of my daughter’s experiences.
    My husband used to have a sweet tooth until his blood sugar level passed the borderline of pre-diabetic. He is super disciplined and takes only one or two bites of sweet/carb. I would like to experiment with one or two recipes and may take the cookies to the grandkids when I visit them for Christmas. I’ll let you know if I do. If I don’t bake, I’ll check out the other recipes.

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  6. It sounds like you have a wonderful holiday coming up with family. Congrats on the future addition. I love baking and have been doing it all week. Not sure if I will post or not, but I am always looking for new recipes to try.

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    • For some reason, I thought you were (as my grandmother would say) “for the kitchen.” I thought you liked cooking and baking. I hope someone brings you cookies. We wouldn’t want to disappoint Santa! In the meantime, you’re certainly welcome to follow the tour. Maybe you’ll find a recipe you’d be willing to attempt.

      Thanks for the congratulations. I’m so excited!

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  8. It sounds like a lot of fun. I won’t be around next Thursday (spending a girls’ day with a friend), but what a clever idea! If it becomes a yearly event, hopefully I can participate next year. I’m not the best baker, but I have a few recipes I manage to pull off, LOL!

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