THE THING ABOUT KEVIN by Beem Weeks #bookreview

Ciao, amici! I’ve been reading so many thrillers lately, I decided to take a break. Not because I NEEDED one, but because Halloween is over and I thought it was time to break out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been unabashedly taking advantage of NetGalley for weeks (months?), but I hadn’t stopped downloading books to my Kindle. And I know you’ve all heard me whining about my TBR pile. So, I decided to read one of the titles waiting impatiently for me.

I’m so glad I did!

Here’s my review.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Engaging Writing; Gut-Punch Ending

This is the first work I’ve read by Beem Weeks. I can guarantee it won’t be the last. I was immediately drawn in by the comfortable, conversational style of his prose. I could feel the main character (Jacob) talking to me like he was sitting on my sofa, sipping a scotch. 

Anyone who’s grown up in a close-knit family can relate to the dynamics at play in this story. When everyone gathers for any reason, there are undercurrents. Unspoken conversations. Outright arguments. In this instance, the gathering is for the funeral of the patriarch—a man who was respected and feared but not necessarily liked. His family loved him, though how they felt about what he did for a living was a different story (to varying degrees, depending on the person). The reunion is missing one key individual—Kevin, the dead man’s son and the narrator’s brother. We learn a lot about the entire family as details about Kevin and his father unfold. And that’s the thing about Kevin… his relationship with his father speaks volumes. Each detail was like fitting another piece into a vibrant jigsaw puzzle, culminating in a final image I’ll never forget.

The author handled it all brilliantly.

I said so in the beginning, and I’ll end by saying so again. This was the first work by Beem Weeks that I had the pleasure of reading. It certainly won’t be the last. Five well-deserved stars.

There you have it. If you’ve read this or any of Beem’s work, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Saluti!

56 thoughts on “THE THING ABOUT KEVIN by Beem Weeks #bookreview

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Beem’s book, Staci. I’m already a big fan of his work & writing. The fact that you referred to this one being like a jigsaw puzzle makes me want to move it higher up my list!

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  2. I have devoured everything Beem has written and have said for years that he is the master of ‘show don’t tell.’ I loved this book and thought Beem did a fantastic job of bringing one skeleton out of the closet at a time with a dynamic ending. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book. I know you will enjoy anything you pick up of Beem’s! Congrats, Beem!

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