NO SUCH LUCK Tour Wrap-Up #bookrelease #romance #novella

Ciao, amici! That’s all she wrote. Literally. lol

Sorry. You know my family and puns. (Go ahead and groan. I did.)

The No Such Luck release tour is over. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to post reviews. Your kind words have warmed my heart.

I also want to once more express my appreciation to my gracious hosts for opening their blogs to me. If you missed any of the posts and want to double back, here are the links:

Craig Boyack

Harmony Kent

Joan Hall

Gwen Plano

Mae Clair

John Howell

Beem Weeks

Sally Cronin

Jan Sikes

It won’t be long until I’m doing this all again. Keystone Couples 2: Pour It On releases in January. Until then, for all the support, grazie mille!