NO SUCH LUCK Tour Stop 7: Beem Weeks #bookrelease #romance #novella

No Such Luck

Ciao, amici! Day seven of my tour is super special to me because it’s taking me to a site I never toured at before. Many of you probably know this talented author, if not from his written work, then from his exhaustive efforts on behalf of indie writers.

I’m talking about Beem Weeks.

Beem has published a novel, two short story collections, a novelette, and several short stories in anthologies. His work often leans heavily into historical periods, but they always explore interpersonal relationships and the human condition. He has a distinctive voice that just draws you in. I want to draw attention to The Thing About Kevin, which captivated me. It was comfortably conversational yet enthralling, but the gut punch at the end had me thinking back on it for days. Beem also co-hosts a weekly podcast called The Voice of Indie, where indie authors are prominently featured. So it’s safe to say he’s among the most supportive authors I ever met. After you listen to some episodes, make sure you check out his print catalogue.

I hope you join us at Beem’s place. My post focuses on No Such Luck, but his site has plenty to offer. Take some time to look around when you visit. I’ll see you there!