NO SUCH LUCK Tour Stop 6: John W. Howell #bookrelease #romance #novella

No Such Luck

Ciao, amici! We’re up to day six of my tour, and I’m making a return visit to someone who understands my love of Pittsburgh (though, sadly, he doesn’t live here so we can’t meet for cocktails). He’s a Story Empire colleague, a talented storyteller, the voice of some of the funniest dogs on the web, and a sweet and humorous man.

I’m talking about John W. Howell.

Surely you’ve visited John, if not for his words of wisdom, then for those of his dogs. (The girls’ insights are golden.) In addition to his prolific blog posts, he’s penned several novels and short stories. Of particular note are an exciting thriller series (the John Cannon trilogy) and Eternal Road: The Final Stop, a paranormal thriller that reminded me of Kerouac. In short, if you like thrillers, you’ll want to check out his catalogue.

I hope you join us at John’s place. My post focuses on No Such Luck, but his site has plenty to offer. Take some time to look around when you visit. I’ll see you there!

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