NO SUCH LUCK Tour Stop 5: Mae Clair #bookrelease #romance #novella

No Such Luck

Ciao, amici! Day five of my tour takes me to a place I’ve been many times before. If you’ve followed me on any of my previous tours, you’ve visited her. Talented author, Story Empire founder, cryptid enthusiast, and wonderful friend.

I’m talking about Mae Clair.

If you’ve been following Mae’s site, you know she just wrapped up her own tour. She recently released a collection of magical and mystical short stories called Things Old and Forgotten. The wonderful tales were a slight departure from her usual work (and I would know; I’ve read it all). Her novels, standalone and series, typically feature mysteries to solve, and while I love all her work, I must call attention to her two series, Point Pleasant and Hode’s Hill. I can’t tell you which I liked better; each was stellar in its own right. Mae turns a phrase like no one else writing today. She’s truly gifted. If you like cryptids, paranormal legends, or just a really good mystery, you need to check out her catalogue.

I hope you join us at Mae’s place. My post focuses on No Such Luck, but her site has plenty to offer. Take some time to look around when you visit. I’ll see you there!

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